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dry skin patches on any babies?

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9/26/06 6:19 P

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I work in derm and it sounds like eczema. I would try 1% hydrocortisone (over the counter) and switch to less irritating products like Aveeno and make sure you use baby detergents with no perfumes or dyes and especially no dryer sheets. Hope that helps!

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Zachary Matthew 3/16/06

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9/26/06 2:21 P

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Violet has had dry patchy skin since birth. THe dr. said it's NOT excema but that her skin is sensitive. So when it gets bad we put cortaid (or store brand) on it as well as non-fragranced lotion. That usually keeps it good but it's still patchy. THe dr. wasn't worry about it, she just said she has sensitive skin and to becareful what we put on her.

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Violet Ann
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9/26/06 1:33 P

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What kind of lotion is it because I switched to gerber baby lotion with Oatmeal and Ronan has the smoothest skin now (he gets compliments on it all the time if it is not egzema I would recommened that.


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9/26/06 1:07 P

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my baby has a dry patch on his arm...its exzema...ive been using aveeno baby lotions...and body his 6 month check i showed the dr..and he said to use "1% cort aid" lotion at night (just a small amount)....i used it in the begining because it was really red and dry and the reddnes and the dryness went away in 2 days....but now i always!!!! lather him up with the aveeno baby lotion....he still has the spot....but it isn't dry or red....i don't think it goes a way completely!!.....

Isaiah Thomas

Feb. 28, 2006

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9/26/06 9:56 A

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it's most likely egzema(sp)they are just dry patches on the body. just call and ask the doc what they think. there are creams for it doesn't hurt to ask.

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9/25/06 9:37 P

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One of our playdates who is 9 months has patches on his face and hands but I don't know if they have taken him to the doctor for it, sorry. If in doubt, I would.

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9/25/06 8:12 P

Well, my baby skin isn't that so smooth since he was born. On his arms have some kind of small dry patches. I didn't think that there's anything wrong with it...until the other day my mother in law noticed them, and told me that baby skin should be smooth..and she told me maybe I should take him to the doctor.

Well, his baby well checkup will be in another 2 months away. So, I just wonder if other babies has the same problems or I really should be worried about it. So far, it doesn't seem to bother him...he doesn't scratch or anything. I've been using baby lotion on him though, but still, doesn't seem to help.

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