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Baby sucks on hand..`

Posts: 6
6/2/06 12:22 A

My daughter was born March 18 too she was 7lbs and 3 oz. She was born at 1037am. She recently found her hands also just as cute as she wants to be

Posts: 90
6/1/06 11:26 P

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I didn't realize this was good for eye and hand coordination. I thought it meant that she was hungry. My DD does it all the time and drools like a mad man too. When she is sucking her thumb she ends up covering half of her face with the rest of her hand. Too cute!

My little Butterfly...

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I can't believe how fast time seems only yesterday we brought her home. What a blessing she is!

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6/1/06 11:21 P

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Elizabeth will find her hand! Trust me!

Baby David would always use me as a pacifier when he was really young. I started giving him my pinky as a substitute. He would NEVER take a pacifier and we tried every kind. Then about two weeks ago, he found his hands! He sucks on his fist like it's going out of style. He doesn't need my pinky anymore. I'm soooo thankful.

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Nancy in NM
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Posts: 23
6/1/06 11:00 P

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Mine gave up the paci for her fist. She loves it. hubby stops her when its just her thumb in there, but mostly its the whole darn thing.

Posts: 68
5/31/06 7:48 P

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I'm so grateful that Jack found his fist - he gags on pacifiers, and he's been so colicky, that I'm glad he has something to soothe him besides nursing!

Jack Terence
Born 3/15/06, 12:24pm
6 lbs 15 oz
21 inches

Posts: 252
5/31/06 7:32 P

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yep lol Joey has found his fist too and is trying to eat the whole thing all the time.

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Posts: 1292
5/31/06 4:40 P

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NICHOLE32678's Photo
Mine sucks her hand too, she's done it since birth but at that time it was because she was hungry now it's because she needs to suck on something! I do think it's cute and boy does she smack loud!!

Baby #1 Born March 19 12:25pm
Violet Ann
7lbs 8oz.

Posts: 2177
5/30/06 11:06 P

A.J. loves his hands. You can definitely tell with him that its for eye/hand coordination because sometimes he misses his mouth and gets his cheek or eye, too cute!

Posts: 2663
5/28/06 1:13 A

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Addison started sucking her thumb about an hour after she was born and then didn't do it again until about a week ago. Maybe she thought she lost it for a while? Now I can tell she is awake from her nap when I am across the room and hear her smackin' away . It really doesn't bother me at all, it gives the boobies a break!

BabyFit Community Team
Addison Brooke born 3-17-06
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- Tiffany

Posts: 908
5/27/06 8:56 P

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PLIZZIE8's Photo
My little one sucks her thumb when she is tired or cranky and lately has been putting herself to sleep this way. She won't take a binkie, but loves het thumb!

I secretly think it's cute, but I know that it can be a really hard habit to break later. I've vowed to myself that she won't be that 10 year old that still sucks her thumb - haha! She used to gag herself, but she's getting better at it now.

She will do it after she eats, too, just as a way to chill and relax. I think it's a self soothing thing. It's so amazing that they have habits when they are this little, but she sucked her thumb in utero (as we saw on the ultrasound) so it makes perfect sense that she does it now!

First baby due 3/17/06
Posts: 1568
5/27/06 4:31 P

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Hannah does this too - at night it's great in the bassinet. I think her fist has pretty much replaced the 3:30 AM feeding!

Hannah Mae 3/23/06- 7 lbs. 1 oz
Baby Boy!! due 08/08/08

Posts: 3334
5/27/06 4:15 P

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I'm actually glad she's doing it (I can hear her sucking her fingers right now! my husband is holding her). Now when she can't find her pacifier in the bassinet in the middle of the night she can put herself back to sleep.

It's a girl!
Kara Grace due 3/16 born 3/3 /06 4/

Posts: 722
5/27/06 1:26 A

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Josiah does this constantly. Whether if it's out of hunger, after he eats, when he's sleepy. I just let him do it, and if he can't get to his hand he sucks on mine. It's cute when he sucks on mine, because he grabs my hand and pulls my fingers into his mouth. I've been trying to get him to grab on his toys for the longest. The past couple of days he's been grabbing on my hands instead. But anyway, my opinion, I don't see a problem with it. They're discovering new things everyday.

*Jezel* (previous s/n: JDanesMommy :))

Josiah Dane
EDD: 3/12/06
Arrived: 3/6/06 at 5:42pm
6lbs 1oz, 18 1/4"

Joslyn Brielle
EDD: 8/8/08
Arrived: 7/31/08 at 11:54am
7lbs 9oz, 20"

Posts: 944
5/27/06 1:16 A

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Oh man, so I need to let her do it for coordination??? My husband runs over there and puts her binki in, he really doesnt want her to be sucking her hands/fingers...maybe I'll secretly let her when hes gone!! haa

March 30th...8 lb 8 oz.
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Emily (Emmie) Grace

Posts: 6939
5/27/06 1:06 A

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kayde does this after eating...and when she's on her tummy. its cute! she is starting to find it when i am changing her and its good because it means she is getting good hand coordination.

BabyFit Community Team

Kaydence Rianne 3-21-06
arrived at 1:18pm 8lbs 8oz 21"
Jaymeson Ryleigh 11-14-07
arrived at 2:36 9lbs 1oz. 21"

Posts: 3334
5/26/06 11:59 P

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My daughter does this too. Sometimes she gags herself and throws up a little.

It's a girl!
Kara Grace due 3/16 born 3/3 /06 4/

Posts: 3184
5/26/06 11:22 P

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Wynter is teething I think. She is constantly nawing on things, including her fist. She doesn't even really suck on her binkie....its more of a grinding between her gums now.

BabyFit Community Team
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Posts: 7254
5/26/06 9:09 P

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Abby loves her fist! She's become a fist-chewing drool machine!

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 1271
5/26/06 8:44 P

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My Savannah does it every time shes about to fall asleep. Basically when shes ready for bed...its a good cue for me!!!


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Posts: 583
5/26/06 8:17 P

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It's Miguel's favorite toy!

-Amanda in AZ
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Posts: 1033
5/26/06 7:49 P

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mine also does this. its so cute. its like he tries to shove the whole fist down there

i'm so blessed to have 3 sons and 1 girl!

Posts: 1354
5/26/06 7:32 P

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Simply put....because it's there LOL.

He has found it and it's the beginning of eye/hand coordination. Just because he's doing this doesn't mean he will be a thumb sucker or a finger sucker. I think it's one of the first cute things babies do.

Lorrie :)

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Posts: 1711
5/26/06 7:09 P

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my baby sucks his hand all the time even after i feed him.. why is he doin this?.. anybody knows?

My son's EDD was 3/15/06.. Born 3/17/06

EDD September 13, 2008

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