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Baby chewing on hand: Early sign of teething???

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5/1/06 9:48 A

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For us it means she's hungry, if she does it right after eating (and isn't crying) then we know she just needs her pacifier because she just needs to suck... it's just what babies do.

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5/1/06 3:25 A

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it's a sign of "mommy im hungry"... if she is already feeding then maybe nothing is coming out for her? but whenever Faith chews on her hands it means she is hungry.. and we bottle feed her so we know she is getting the food.

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4/30/06 9:31 P

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oh...this is hard...adrian started doing this aroung 3 almost 4 weeks old...i first thought teething girls had teeth before they were 4 months old...he had the chewing and drooling and the whole nine yards...then i noticed thrush...i got rid of it for a while but then noticed the same signs along with him not wanting to suck his thumb, my finger, take his pacifer, or bottle or breast, so of course i had to take him in...doc said it was too early for teething...but not all babies are the same...i still have the same problems and the thrush even though he is now 8 weeks...he rubs his mouth on everything and is fussy...he even makes clicking sounds and tries to put stuff in his mouth...i would say that he's tring to find his thumb but he popped out with that thing in his mouth...but for your baby it could be...i would deffently look for teeth, thrush, or try to see if a pacifer will help...i think that i have also heard something about them going to their mouths if they have an ear infection or ache....i know for sure they pull at their ears, but sometimes an ear ache can hurt your throat and jaw and vice versa...this is the hard part about being a mom...there's never an easy answer...and always about a dozen different things it could be and a dozen more ways to solve each problem...we're just gonna have to weed them out...

oh and i agree with lorrie (i think she said this) about hoping that it's not teething...yeah teething is no fun...fever, and crying....yeah i hope for all of our sakes that it's not teething and that when our babies do teeth they are at least sleeping through most of the night and have given us some sort of break...PLEASE CHILD PLEASE...

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4/30/06 1:41 P

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Molly does this too. I think she is just trying to find her thumb though because she will suck on her fist. I think it is so cute but it can get annoying when I am trying to feed her.

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4/30/06 11:14 A

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This is the time that baby is finding his/her hand and fingers. It's totally normal for them to chew or suck on them. I wouldn't say it's necessarily a sign of early teething, but it could be. It's also normal for you to see whiteness underneath the gum line. Drooling is also a sign of teething, but some babies drool for months and months before cutting any teeth. Also, when they start to teeth, their gums will be swollen and red. They could also run a small temp and have a runny nose. Teething isn't much fun...I sure hope yours isn't doing it already!! LOL

Lorrie :)

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4/30/06 9:44 A

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my lil girl does the same. She has been real fussy for the past 2 weeks almost.. i mean real fussy. And she has been making spit bubbles all through out the day too, chews on her hand often and i swear u can almost see her teeth underneath her gums. i thought i was crazy for thinking this, but a friend came over the other day and said she thought she saw teeth too(underneath gums of course) SO, I dunno! Maybe some babies can get their teeth real early? We shall see, right. Lets keep one another updated in case one pops through!

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4/30/06 6:42 A

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Carline started drooling a week ago and she does not suck her pacifier she bites down on it, she has become more fuzzy to. If Aliza is bitting down not sucking her hand it might be early signs of teething as mine has. In my family, we all started teething very early so I guess it is normal.

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4/30/06 12:01 A

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The last several days Aliza has been in the middle of nursing when she pulls off and starts eating on the side of her hand. I'll pull her hand down and put her back to my breast to finish eating. This sometimes happens several times during a feeding. And then when I'm burping her she'll start doing it again. She's chewed a few times when she's not hungry also... But she was upset so I'm not sure if she was just trying to comfort herself...? She's also had some spit bubbles 4 or 5 times. (Spit, not drool... if there's a difference that is!)... My SIL said she saw little white bumps under her gums and thought she'd teeth early (this was a few weeks ago). Does this sound like she might start teething soon? It seems so early to me!

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