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cute names for Grandmother

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2/20/06 3:02 P

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My parents live in Northern Michigan so my 3 yr old daughter one day just started calling them "grandma and grandpa upnorth". She calls my husbands mom "grandma grizzle" (her last name). I think it is cute that she just named them herself. When she first started talking she said "papa" for my husband. No one around us says "papa" so who knows where she picked it up from but that is what she has called her dad since she was a baby.

Posts: 21
2/20/06 2:20 P

My daughter is so lucky - she has three sets of grandparents and three sets of great-grandparents!

Grandparents: Gammow (her pronunciation of "Grandma") and Poddy (a combination of "Grandpa" and "Daddy"), Granddad and Nora (her name's Lenora), and Nana and Pops.

Great-grandparents: Mamaw and Papaw, Dede and Great-granddad, Great-grammow and Pop-pop.

My favorite is Nana. It seems to me that that's the most youthful. However, she might change her tune when the baby starts actually calling her by name. Who knows, "Grandma" might end up being exactly what she wants to be called.

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2/20/06 1:47 P

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My mom is Portuguese and she is called "vovo".. MIL is Russian and is "baba" or "babuchka"..
But my daughter is starting to call them grandma anyway ;)


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2/20/06 1:36 P

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My mom is called Mimi and my dad is Papa. My father in law is PePaw and his fiance is T-Ma (her first name is Theresa). When I was in labor all of my family passed the time in the waiting room deciding what they wanted to be called. Surprisingly enough they all stuck except PePaw was originally Grandpa.

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2/20/06 1:31 P

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I've given my mom a MILLION suggestions. we're part Italian, part Portuguse and she wants nothing to do with those names... she claims they sound too old ladyish. I'm just going to let her decide. Like people have said... I'm sure once the baby is born, and starts talking, he might end up calling her something else!

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2/20/06 1:24 P

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my grandmas are Nana and Mema Winnie and and my grandpas are Papa(like pawpaw) and papa (first a sounds like apple). my mother is grammy and she is 41 this year. DH parents are grandma and grandpa. if her name is karen, what about KK? we have a cousin named karen and that is what we always called her.

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2/20/06 1:14 P

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With our first my mom had ideas that she wanted to be called Nana. Well...once the baby came (and of course they can't talk yet), and then she got mom is ALWAYS called Grandma Sandi. And you know what, she loves it! You can come up with names now...but it may not stick once the little one is talking:)


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2/20/06 1:11 P

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My mom wants to be called "MiMi". I thought it was cute so we are goin with it!

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2/20/06 1:01 P

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My dad will be BIG Daddy...he has already been est. w/ that name by my stepniece and so he will stay the same and my FIL has not even made a suggestion as to what he would like to be called...I call him old man so if he doesn't chose soon that's what he'll be stuck as.

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Posts: 520
2/20/06 12:51 P

Maybe pick a name in another language. My MIL didn't want to be "grandma" with her first grandchild, so she adopted "abuela" as her name. She doesn't speak Spanish, it was just easier for her to take. There's "nona" (Italian, I think), "oma" (German), "tutu" (Hawaiian), "yaya" is Greek, but be careful -- my brother used to call my Lola (grandmother in Filipino) that before he pronounce the "L" sound and she said "yaya" also means "maid" in Chinese. :-) Maybe you can do a search and find a name in a different language.

By the way, Mr. Rogers (of the PBS show) used to call his maternal grandparents Nana and Ding Dong. LOL.

Posts: 170
2/20/06 12:49 P

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Well my mom is going to be called NENE. My nephew tried to call her by her first name Neicey but when it came out it was NENE. My dad is called Pop-pop. My grandparents have names too like BIG Pop-pop and Big Daddy. Those names have already been established. I say introduce the baby to your mom as grandma and soon enough either your mom or your child will come up with a name !!! Don't worry it won't even matter once your precious angel comes!

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2/20/06 12:38 P

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My mil is nana, my mom grandma. My dad got his name accidently. When my son was a baby he had trouble saying grandpa and started calling him paga. It has stuck, now all three of my kids call him paga, and so will the new baby. My dad loves that fact that he gets a name that is so different.

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2/20/06 11:46 A

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My mom is Nanny - so is my grandmother.

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Posts: 11680
2/20/06 11:25 A

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My folks just want to be Grandma and Grandpa. I already call my FIL Pops, so I think we're going to stick with that name. I have no idea what to call my MIL. I just call her Debi. Maybe she can be Nanna (?)

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Posts: 1568
2/20/06 11:10 A

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My Nana told my mother she can't be Nana because she's already Nana! She told my mother she had to be Grandma ... that didn't go over well at all!

So my mom is going to be Nana and my Nana will be Great-Nana. As for my father? I told him to let me know what he wants to be called but so far my mother has been referring to themselves as "Nana & Him"!

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Posts: 3052
2/20/06 11:06 A

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My mom had an aquaintance who suggested the name she chose - Nandy. I've never heard it before but it works. The rest of the grandparents just got what my oldest came up with - MIL is MomMom and both grandfathers are PopPop (the girls will use PopPop Jim and PopPop Franco if there's confusion on who they're talking about).

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Posts: 1782
2/20/06 10:32 A

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Could depend on your heritage too! My mom is Irish, so it will be Nana. I keep teasing her I'm going to have the kids call her Bubba - which is "old lady" in Slovak and what they call their grandmas. My dad will be Pap-pap - all the grandkids call him that.


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Posts: 437
2/20/06 10:14 A

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When my mom was dealing with that dilema she decided on Gram. Something about it sounds a little younger or young at heart.

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2/20/06 9:31 A

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her name is Karen. I sugessted Kaka for the first 2 letters in her name, but she didn't like that... i don't blame her!!!!

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3:37 pm
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Posts: 1256
2/20/06 9:29 A

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my mom's the same age, but doesn't mind being called grandma. Ooh but if one of my kids slips out a granny, it's WW3!

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Posts: 1381
2/20/06 9:26 A

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Nana or Meemaw?

Here's Anna on Daddy's shoulders!

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Posts: 1246
2/20/06 9:13 A

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My mom is young... mid 40's and she does not want to be called grandmother or even gramma or grammy. she wants something "cute". any suggestions?
My grandmother who is going to be a great-grandmother will be called G.G. (pronounced like Gigi) for short. And my MIL is polish so she wants to be called Bobca (however it's spelled)

Ryan James
Born: Feb 28, 2006
3:37 pm
6 pounds 7 oz, 19 inches
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