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How did you know you were in labor

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2/8/06 11:57 A

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#1 I was a week overdue and I was not dialated at all, so they sent me in to the hospital to induce me with cervidel (sp?). When I got there I was already having contractions that where in a good pattern but I could not feel them. So they broke my water and 12 hours latter she was here.

#2 I never really felt any big bh contractions with her, but I lost my mucus plug 2 weeks before I had her. It all came out at once and it had just a small amount of blood with it. At my next appointment I was 3.5cm and 50% effaced. So they stripped my membranes. The next morning I had a good pattern of contractions and then my water broke and 4 hours latter she was here.

#3 I had preterm labor that was stopped at 32 weeks. I should have known something was going on then because I had a lot of thick discharge, but I though it was the normal pregnancy stuff. So at 36 weeks I was off bedrest. I was feeling great but I was also tired of being pregnant. Nothing would happen, I didn't even have a lot of discharge anymore. At 38 weeks and some odd days my mebranes were stripped. 4 days latter I woke up after my husband went to work and I went tot he bathroon and found a bunch of mucus and blood ( TMI ) so I was having a bloody show, but no contractions that I could feel. About 1 hour latter contractions started so I went to the hospital and 30 min after getting ther my daughter was born. So a total of 2 hours is all it took.

We will see what happens this time. It is hard for me to tell when I am in labor because I don't feel early labor. I do have a lot of pelvic pain this time, so maybe I'll notice things a little more this time...or maybe she will just fall out. All I know for sure is that she will be coming out of me.

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2/8/06 11:07 A

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labor #1- i went in cus i had been sick all day and doc wanted me contractions or advancedment so i was about to be sent home when all of a sudden my water thing was full blown contractions.....

labor #2- spent weeks with false labor and had just come back from the hospital that early morn after the contractions stopped and i had no advancedment...0 and 0...none....then about 5 hrs later while in the shower, i had 2 huge contractions and on the 2nd one my mucus plug thing i know full blown contractions agian......

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2/8/06 10:44 A

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I remember that the day before I had my first dd, I spent it at the mall, stressed out (Dec.23, 2000) I barely ate anything all day and arround 11pm we went to a restaurant and I forced myself to eat even when I wasn't really hungry. I ate too much.
When I got home we rented some movies and where watching them and I was laughing so hard, and I got like a stomache ache, the same as if I had indigestion or something. I have suffered from IBS and getting diarreah and upset stomach is very common so I didn't think anything of it. I started going to the bathroom with a stomache ache and having BM's (sorry TMI) every 15 min, then every 10 min,and stuff, my mom asked me what was wrong and I said that I just ate too much (and it was greasy food) but my mom said that if it was 8am and I was still having these urges to have a BM constantly that we would go to the hospital. And that's what happened. I went to the hospital arround 8:30 am and they told I was 3 cm dialated, to walk arround till I couldn't take the pain no more and come back. I came back at 12md and they hooked me up. I threw up alot, I still think it was due to the food I ate. So I suggest to you girls that if one day you don't feel like eating - don't. It's just my own opinion.

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2/8/06 10:41 A

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it's funny that you all thought you wet your pants. i thought i had started my period! lol. i was asleep and you know when you start your period you feel a sort of gush? well, in my sleepy mind i felt this gush and thought 'i started my period. i'll clean it up in the morning' and then i fell back asleep for a couple of minutes. then i sat up bolt right in bed realizing, duh, Maggie you're pregnant!! of course, i was still picturing blood so i all but ran to the bathroom. i laugh about it now but i seriously almost passed out i had worked myself up so badly. :)

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2/8/06 10:29 A

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my water just broke! i had no contractions before and i had no contractions until they hooked me up to pitocin in the hospital a few hours later.

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"Children are not the people of tomorrow, but people today. They are entitled to be taken seriously. They have a right to be treated by adults with tenderness and respect, as equals."
-Janusz Korczak

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2/8/06 10:25 A

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Contractions started. Not so bad at first. You time them & then when they get harder & closer together, you'll know! I had about 3 days of contractions before hubby took me to the hospital. But once I was there, everything went pretty quickly. I was glad that I was at home those 3 days and not in the hospital.

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2/8/06 10:11 A

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For me I had no signs until the night of. My water broke while I was in bed and at first I thought I peed my pants, changed them and went back to sleep. More water came out a half hour later, more this time and then after I cleaned myself up I started to feel contractions, and man I could tell that was it, it came hard and fast. Although my contractions were only about every 20min I stayed home until they were 5min apart lasting for 1mintue for an hour.

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2/8/06 10:11 A

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the only sign i had with my daughter was some bloody show. i had her 3 days later.

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