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Sore Between My Legs!

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1/24/06 8:27 P

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ive notice soreness but mostly swelling down there what is that all about sometimes i feel like that beby's head is going to pop out

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1/24/06 8:12 P

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I'm so glad you posted. I have the exact same feeling after I exercise. It's hard because I want to exercise and when I do I have SO much more energy throughout the day but then I'm sore down there for the rest of the day. I'm happy to know that it isn't just me.

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1/24/06 6:52 P

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I have this pain also...I had my Dr appt today, I had a internal exam done and she could feel the babys head already down into position, Im guessing this is why I have been sore for the past two days.

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1/24/06 6:32 P

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i have that pain also. i didn't have it with the other 2. i don't know if its the way hes in there or what when i wake up it doesn't hurt then half way threw the work day it will hurt. the it goes away. then its back. i know its not a contraction. it just there an achy feeling

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1/24/06 4:43 P

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Mine feels like I took a long walk after not doing any working out in several weeks. So weird.

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1/24/06 4:40 P

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Me too! Very bruised feeling in my pelvic area. I also get the sharp stabbing pains in my cervix area. Only 6 more weeks - I can do this!

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Posts: 840
1/24/06 4:38 P

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My pelvic bones (symphisis pubis) is often very sore. It's a wonderful little hormone called relaxin. It makes our pelvis, (and every other joint)loose for easier passage of the baby. It is worse the more I excercise. So every day it's a toss up. Do I get on the tread mill and walk, and suffer pain all day? Or do I skip the tread mill and not ache? 5 weeks, 1 day to EDD! I think I can, I think I can!

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1/24/06 4:12 P

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I'm exactly the same. I feel really bruised between my legs. I find at night when I try to get out of bed to go for one of my regular trips to pee it really hurts trying to get out of bed - its kind of like the feeling you would get if you had done this marathon workout. I'm sure my baby has dropped, its so uncomfortable walking around, I can feel it pressing down, theres just so much pressure. It will be interesting going for my appointment next week to see what my midwife says about the baby's position.

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Posts: 61
1/24/06 4:02 P

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You spelled it right - I knew exactly what you meant. :-) Let me know if you hear any explanation for this; I don't see my Dr. again for 2 weeks.

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Posts: 1330
1/24/06 3:45 P

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Feeling bruised is a good way to describe it.

I guess I should have made the title Feeling sore between my legs. Did I spell that right?

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Posts: 61
1/24/06 3:41 P

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I have 8 weeks to go and feel like he is pushing against my hoo-haa. It is really sore and feels bruised. Is this a sign he's getting in position? What's the deal??? It's painful.

Our first baby! It's a boy!
Due March 23, 2006
David Hartley..."Hartley" (family name)

Posts: 1780
1/24/06 2:44 P

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OOps posted twice!

Edited by: AMY_AND_LIAM at: 1/24/2006 (14:45)

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Posts: 1330
1/24/06 2:41 P

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My baby hasn't even dropped yet and I feel so sore in my pelvis and pelvic floor. I still have 6-7 weeks left. Ouch!

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