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9 1/2 Pound Baby!!!

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1/20/06 10:42 P

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at 37 weeks they told me that my baby was 8lbs 14 oz so the next week they induced me because "if i carried to term the baby would be 10lbs" she was a week early and 7lbs 14oz.

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1/20/06 10:19 P

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my first was 9lbs 5oz....he looked like a linebacker!

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1/20/06 9:51 P

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at 30 weeks i was also 5.5 lbs, with a ginormus head apparently! i have always though we concieved earlier than the doc thinks we did (this was a very planned pregnancy, i knew right down to the day i was ovulating and we had "baby sex" !) so i think she is coming erlier. luckily for me, the doc is leaning towards a c section since her head is so big and she is still breech!

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1/20/06 8:13 P

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At 29 weeks the hospital said she was lookin to be about 5 lbs! Which would mean one heck of a chubmonster comin out of me. But I talked to my OB and he said that babies have weird growth spurts just like anyone else and that is probably what it was, she just grew and now isn't going to again for a while. But ya never know....

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1/20/06 6:10 P

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At 30 weeks my baby was estimated to be 5lbs.2oz. So I feel your pain. So many people have told me about how ultrasounds can be wrong though!

I'm due a couple weeks before you, so maybe I'll be able to give you some good news before you go into labor!

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1/20/06 5:28 P

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The same thing happened to me yesterday, I had an ultrasound since I failed my glucose tolerance test and then had the 3 hour test done and passed but they still wanted to check how "big" the baby was and they said he is 4 1/2 pounds and that I'm measuring 33 weeks. I've heard that ultrasounds can only estimate their weight and that it's usually off.


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Ultrasound at 25 weeks...
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1/20/06 4:33 P

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those are almost my exact measurements. my last baby weighed almost 10lbs. it's not as bad as it sounds. :)

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1/20/06 4:24 P

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Don't get me wrong, big babies are definitely easier for me to deal with once they are's that whole pushing it out of me thing that has me worried!!

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1/20/06 4:12 P

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Wow that will be a big baby. My dd #3 was 4.1 at 32 weeks and when she was born at 39 weeks she was 8.6oz. Your baby will just look really cute and chubby from the get go. I think babies that look like that are sooo cute. I think I'm having a smaller baby this time. My weight gain has been lower.

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1/20/06 3:48 P

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The closer we get the more I'm fearing a huge baby myself ... I'm kind of too little for that!

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1/20/06 3:06 P

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I just had an ultrasound yesterday because I have been having some pain. Well, that part was normal, but the baby is measuring very big. I am only 30 weeks and they estimate that the baby is 4.5 pounds. At that rate, and gaining an average of .5 pound a week like it's supposed to, the baby will be 9.5 pounds at 40 weeks!! Holy cow! I hope the estimate was wrong; I know they are wrong a lot. Yikes!! Please somebody tell me about how wrong their ultrasound was!

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