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pain when baby moves?

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1/16/06 11:59 A

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This weekend I felt sort of like that. I thought I was having the Alien baby forsure and she was going to bust through my tummy. It's almost like it's bruised in there because it's very tender sometimes. They are pretty big in there right now and are cramped so it gets more and more intense. I haven't had sharp pains though.

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1/16/06 11:49 A

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Sometimes it does hurt a lot when the baby moves. I asked my OB abt it.
She says that pains are normal for some women when the baby moves.
So, I am not too concerned abt it, except for my discomfort when it moves...

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1/15/06 10:52 A

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yeah, i figure one of his feet gets lodged there and i just can't really feel it, or he's moved one of my vital organs into that spot! hehehe, it only starts hurting when i sit for too long, or stand straight up, so it constantly hurts when i'm at work. but if i lay down it goes away and isn't sore. hmmm...can we say bedrest!? j/k - i wouldn't want to be put on bedrest, but i do want the soreness to go away, and yes, it does feel like a huge bruise.

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1/14/06 11:04 P

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I've had similiar pains. Feels like my bladder is being hit and it's sending "Twitches" down through.
MamaHogg - I have a constant sore spot too. Kind of feels like a bruise. He never moves there, but I think I have felt his foot there. Could they be pushing or stretching and we just don't know it?
Oh the pains of pregnancy!


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1/14/06 3:13 P

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I get sharp pains when the baby moves. Sometimes, I double over in pain because it feels like pins and needles in there. But it goes away quickly, so I am not concerned. Other than that, my abdomen hurts when the baby squirms in there--it's like he's trying to break through my skin...

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1/14/06 3:08 P

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my lil boy is all over the place whether is kickin or stretchin but it doesnt hurt at all.. it feels kinda awkward when my lower abdomen gets really tight which im guessin are the braxton hicks.. but other than that nothnig hurts..

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1/14/06 1:47 P

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i haven't really had anything like that. sometimes he hits my bladder and it makes me jump but not that often. our baby moves around so much but there's one spot on my belly that is just so sore and tender but i never feel him moving there. it's weird. i don't think it's unusual though.

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1/14/06 10:57 A

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My little girl is a big mover. She's head down since 28 weeks (I'm 33 weeks now). When she moves/kicks with her legs, it doesn't hurt. But when she moves down lower, it hurts. I get really sharp pains down there. Anyone else like this? Or do you think there could be some problem?

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