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Spicy Foods! Yes or No?!

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11/2/05 4:17 P

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DH says I need to slow down on my salsa and pico de gallo intake...*sigh* I cant HELP IT! I love spicy foods, his mother told him that its bad for the baby, thats not what my mother said so I go with what my mother says not by what my MIL says. I am going to defiantely have a talk with dh tonight at dinner about this, I love to eat mangos, cucumbers, watermelon, even apples with lemon a tad a salt and pico de gallo almost everyday! Food without salsa just doesnt taste the same to me (my family is mexican), i have eaten it almost everyday, and since this is what I crave (next to pickles) I will not stop now!

Thanks again ladies for another sigh of relief, I can eat salsa and pico de gallo without feeling guilty!


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11/2/05 11:04 A

I was going to school through my first trimester and we were right next to a taco bell I had it every night for dinner I had no heartburn and absoulutly no morning sickness (please dont hate me) now im 20 weeks and i was having trouble eating bland chicken with out getting some acid reflux an heart burn. so i called my doctor and he said Tums are great for heart burn and they have extra calcium this is awesome because i still get the cravings for spicy foods and my boyfriend makes some fabulouse cajun food. I also think spicy food helps with colds I noticed when i cut down on spicy food because of heartburn i got a nasty head cold. I came home for dinner 2 days into my head cold and my boyfriend made cajun french fries and cajun chicken I said i didnt want to eat it cause of the spice and i didnt want heartburn on top of a head cold he made me eat it and my tums afterwards and the next mornign i wasnt cured but i felt better. I also have 6 aunts all mother of 4, my grandmother mother of 7, my mom mother of 4, and my sister mother of 1 and i have never heard this wives tale. My boyfriends mother basically eat only pickles and spicy pork rinds through her 3rd pregnancy and her youngest turned out just fine. Sorry this is so long wind. Good luck I totally sympathize with you I have entire office all my aunts and my mom 2 sisters and my boyfriends mom trying to give me "advice" and watching what i eat. But having a doctors "ok" does absoulut wonders for winning arguments let me tell you =)

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11/2/05 10:01 A

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As long as you don't overdo the spices, there's no problem with enjoying them! I find myself eating salsa plain! lol During my last pregnancy, we'd gone to Disney World. I went to an Indian restaurant and LOVED all the spices!

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11/2/05 7:54 A

Yes! I love spicy Indian food, and I crave it often. The doc says to just listen to your body. If you can handle it, then you're probably fine. Just as with everything else, pour your hot sauce in moderation. :-)

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11/2/05 5:53 A

Mmm.mmm.mmmm! Love it & I say go for it.

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11/2/05 5:45 A

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Just call me Spice Girl!!!!

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11/1/05 4:51 P

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Wow, 2 drill sergeants telling you NO!!! I cases like that I would bring DH along to the dr's office when I ask about it.
I'm mexican and my grandmother told me not to eat spicy foods cause then my kid would be born with all sorts of problems. I guess her dr told her that her son had allergies and colic and whatever else because she ate spicy food. I think the dr just made that up and told her that and I didn't believe it. I talked to my dr and did some research and I never saw anything that confirmed this theory. So Spice away!!!

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11/1/05 3:07 P

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Yehhhhhh!!!! I am so glad that I am not alone in this need of spicy foods. I love all things spicy!!! Guess that why I married my
DH. I will ask my Dr next week too. But I think it is confirmation enough just to hear from the 'Pregnant Divas'.
I just ate a spicy bean, beef, and cheese burrito with salsa and it was scrum-dely-ish-cious. Just on of my favorite made up words.

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11/1/05 1:39 P

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Can't imagine life without spicy foods, but then I grew up on them and they have always been a part of my diet not just during pregnancy. Oh...and I am looking forward to those kicks, at 20 weeks and 2 days I am yet to feel a kick, if spicy foods or hot sauce can do the trick, all the more better.

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11/1/05 12:53 P

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Yummmmmmm Hot sauce I have been eating everything with Hot sauces on it I cant get enought I put it on my soup I would put it on my cereal if I could but yummmmmmmmmmmmm My hubby keeps telling me our kid is going to get me when he is born and I just say let momma do what she wants to do.

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11/1/05 11:59 A

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I have never heard of any reason why you can't eat spicy foods when pregnant. Spicy food are usually actually very healthy for you. Peppers are good for digestion. From what I understand, it's not really the peppers (and spices)that give a person heartburn, but the fatty foods that they are added to. I say go for it....I like my peppercinis with cheese & crackers, yum!


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11/1/05 11:54 A

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yeas i have heard also that if you are close to your due date hot foods make you go to labor faster. i dont eat spicy food just because my sister and my friend told me to avoid them, i just dont want to take any risks but sometimes you cant avoid what u luv: )

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11/1/05 10:58 A

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The more spice the better in my mind!
Hot wings, chili, mexican sauces, hot peppers I crave them all!

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11/1/05 10:56 A

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Since I've been pregnant that's all I've been craving...but then again my family's Mexican so that's nothing out of the ordinary...but it started to give me heartburn so I try to minimize it although it's very hard when that's all I seem to want to eat...but I asked my doctor and said not to eat spicy food since it was giving me if your body's ok with it go for it

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11/1/05 10:46 A

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Yep - Dr will probably only tell you to see how your body reacts, but that otherwise it's fine. I ate buffalo wing sauce on chicken and all kinds of other spicy things with baby #1 and still with baby #2.

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Posts: 594
11/1/05 10:20 A

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I've never heard of spicy foods making your baby kick you more. If you are comfortable eating them, then I think you'll be okay. I still eat hotsauce like it's going out of style. Of all the restrictions that we have right now, I say enjoy your spicy foods!

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11/1/05 10:10 A

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My entire pregnancy I have been craving mostly spicy foods! I hope its not bad. My dr hasn't mentioned anythin about it. I love Nachos w jalapenos, hot cheetos, any chip w/ hot sauce, chili, and I add hot sauce to mostly everything I eat! I suddenly got a craving, gotta go!!

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Posts: 1256
11/1/05 10:05 A

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yup what comet said. I've always heard the only risk of eating spicy foods is your own comfort, getting heartburn or the runs. Ask your doc to make yourself feel better and then tell mom to lay off!

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Posts: 607
11/1/05 9:18 A

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I love spicy foods and my doctor just said that as long as it doesn't make me have heartburn that it is fine to eat it. She has never said that I can't eat anything she just says to watch for high amounts of sodium because they make you retain water.

Posts: 292
11/1/05 9:15 A

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Ok, I have always been one to enjoy a good spicy bowl of chili or jalapenos on my nachos or event the occasionally hot sauce on potatoes chips (just to name a few). Well my dear Mother has been warning on a regular basis that I had better tone it down to minimum b/c the baby will kick the blood out of me when he or she gets bigger. I am only 19 wks now and barely showing. She, my dear Mother, has even gotten to my DH. So not only have I had to stop smoking and drinking alcohol (which I have no problems with), but now I have to drill sergeants on my butt and nerves everytime I even look at a bottle of hot sauce. Ughhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Has any of you had issues with eating spicy foods or has your Dr. forbade you from partaking in the infamous 'hot sauce'???
My next appt. is 8 Nov and I will be getting my 1st ultrasound. Should I ask my Dr? I am a bit leary b/c I am somewhat hooked. I have even discovered the jalapeno pickles which I do not eat every day, just one maybe every other day.

Sorry for the long message!

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