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In search of a middle name for Hayley

Posts: 6
9/7/05 3:15 P

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Hiya just a few ideas
Hayley Leigh
Hayley Jade
Hayley Anne
Hayley Lou
mind u still struggling with first names that will go with my surname, Sculthorp help lol

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9/7/05 2:02 P

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I think Hayley Marie sounds nice. It sounds like a classic name that will grow well with her. :-) I have also always love the middle name Marie.

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9/7/05 10:56 A

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I think Hayley Rose is a good name. I've always liked it. Good Luck

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9/6/05 6:18 P

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thanks for the great suggestions. I think one of my top favorite is Hayley Elisabeth (I don't know why I didn't think of it!)
DH is now stuck on the middle name being Aurora. Hayley Aurora. Sleeping beauty is one of my fav. disney movies and he actually suggested Aurora.
so I think my final two choices are either Aurora or Elisabeth.
hm... now I have to decide on a boys name just in case.

Ryan James
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9/6/05 4:17 P

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I like
Hayley Brooke
Hayley Elizabeth
Hayley Michelle ??
Thats all for now!! Good luck!!

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Posts: 125
9/6/05 4:13 P

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I like Brooke.

Posts: 589
9/6/05 3:44 P

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Hayley Michelle

Due March 18th
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Posts: 825
9/6/05 2:25 P

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I like Hayley Elizabeth.

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9/6/05 2:01 P

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I have a niece whose name is Haley Elaine. I always thought that was pretty.

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9/6/05 1:52 P

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I'll agree Hayley is nice.

I like Jane for a middle name, classic.

Middle names are hard, depending on how many syllables are in the first and last name.

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Posts: 22
9/6/05 12:16 P

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I think Hayley is a beautiful name.

Hayley Jane
Hayley Paige
Hayley Grace
Hayley Nicole
Hayley Leah

Good luck with whatever you decide

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Posts: 241
9/6/05 10:56 A

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Hayley Jane is adorable. I love that.

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9/6/05 9:19 A

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Definitely Jane! My favorite middle name of all time!

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9/6/05 1:43 A

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I have a sister named Hailey Summer and a friend of mine named her daughter Hailey Joan. Good luck!

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Posts: 1393
9/6/05 1:04 A

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ray sounds good to me

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Posts: 62
9/5/05 11:01 P

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First of all - good choice, love the name Hayley!!! I also think Jane sounds cute for a middle name, and what about catherine, kathleen, marie, beth, or like everyone else was saying - a family name or maiden name or something

ITS A GIRL!!! The love of my life:)
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Congratulations to everyone!!

Posts: 305
9/5/05 10:23 P

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The first name that came to mind was Dawn.

Hayley Dawn . . . . .

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Posts: 1211
9/5/05 9:40 P

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Aiden Timothy
March 3, 2006
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9/5/05 9:05 P

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I like Jane as well. I think Haley Jane sounds really pretty.

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9/5/05 7:19 P

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I also like Madeline or Madelyn. Is there a family name you could use? When you look back through your family names, are there any that either of you like? That's how I picked, lol. Makes it easier to narrow it down. ;0)

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Posts: 227
9/5/05 7:06 P

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I like Hayley Elise.

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Posts: 1521
9/5/05 6:33 P

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Carolyn sounds nice, and you guys already like it.

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9/5/05 3:25 P

What about Ann

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9/5/05 11:49 A

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That's a tough one! We're going to have issues if we have a girl too. We have a middle name picked out, but one of each of our grandma's have the same name, and we would like to use it. My mother however is guilting us into using the other two grandma's names as well! Not gonna happen!

As for Hayley, how about something about when she's born? My middle name is Dawn because I was born in the morning. So, it would be neat if you could use an experience that you've had when pregnant, or birth, for a nice name like Joy or something like that?

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9/5/05 11:01 A

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9/5/05 10:42 A

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DH and I have agreed on Hayley as a first name, if it's a girl. However, we can not think of a good middle name, nothing seems to fit right. Any suggestions?

Ryan James
Born: Feb 28, 2006
3:37 pm
6 pounds 7 oz, 19 inches
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