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Every pregnancy is DIFFERENT!

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9/1/05 2:37 P

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SO true! My first pregnancy was wonderful no m/s no fatigue no brest tenderness no headaches. This time I have it all!

Mommy to 2 year old son Lucius Alexander and Hudson Renzo born 2/13/06
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9/1/05 2:17 P

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Okay so if every pregnancy is different then there is actually a chance my next pregnancy could be worse? Oh my good grief, I don't know If I can do it again. Hee hee.

I really hope I feel that magic everyone talks about feeling when they put the baby in your arms. No Magic, No second child. :o)

Happy Baby Growing and thanks for sharing your stories.

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It's a BOY!!!

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9/1/05 2:13 P

MRSPULLEN I know what you mean my first was a girl and pregnacy is the total opposite and everyone keeps telling me the same thing.

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9/1/05 12:45 P

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ALASHOGAN: I feel ya on taking care of a 16 month old girl. Our daughter's are just days apart and so are our due dates. I don't know yet what I am having, but I feel totally this time. Alot better. I think I am having a boy. But who knows, it could be another girl. Either way I am happy, but I would like to have a boy, because I don't have one.

Breanna Danielle Nicholas
Born: Feb 20, 2006
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Kaylea 4-6-04
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9/1/05 11:28 A

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With my 2 previous pregnancy it was like nothing, like I was not even prego but w. this one Im so tired and I feel like an ols lady!

My due date is Feb 19th. Its a girl!!!
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9/1/05 11:25 A

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I named my daughter Zoe but spelled Z-O-E-Y. The name fits her perfect. Zoe is a very great name.

Zoey's MOM
Posts: 896
9/1/05 10:26 A

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I am there with you! My first pregnancy was almost perfect...NO m/s, no headaches, no fatigue...It's like I had no discomfort however until 2 weeks for the birth when I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and then everything went downhill.
This time around I am drained every day, I had nausea in the first trimester, I already feel like my belly is heavy and in my way (when it is barely showing) and I have had headaches and a sinus infection for 2 weeks now.
While I enjoyed my first pregnancy, this one will seem a lot longer and a lot less fun! Hopefully the birth will go a lot smoother!

"Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food and tyrannize their teachers."

~ Socrates (469 BC - 399 BC)

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9/1/05 10:09 A

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My first pregnancy I felt sick all the time, but that was it. My second I puked every day, and this time I'm not throwing up, but I have the daily headaches - I will take headaches over what happened in my second pregnancy any day!!!

Mommy to Sam (5) Kylie (3) and baby Benjamin due Feb. 28!
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9/1/05 8:18 A

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i know what you're all saying too - this is #4, and i'm feelin' it. i feel like a pregnant 90 year old. hopefully i look a little better:)

Susie, 34
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9/1/05 7:52 A

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oh my gosh, i feel you on this one. i felt nothing but joy with my first pregnancy. i was on top of the world! now, i'm taking care of my 16 month old daughter and i feel down pretty often in this pregnancy. i've been getting headaches lately as soon as i wake up and they last until evening. i've been really moody with horrible mood swings and it's just so different from my first pregnancy. it's not bad, just different. we're expecting another girl.

It's a boy!!!
Walker Lind 2/1/06
Daughter, born 4/14/04
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9/1/05 6:51 A

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This is my second child and it is so different from when I was pregnant with my little girl. Everyone keeps saying, "That's because it's a BOY!" We won't know until Sept 26. What ever God bless me with I will be happy.

Zoey's MOM

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