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What do I bring to daycare???

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9/26/06 1:28 P

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I would say, the one thing I do everyday that helps me I make sure I get Amelia to daycare with enough time to talk to the teacher. I let her know how her evening went and how her morning is going and I ask her about what she's been doing at daycare. I agree...I like getting her sheet everyday saying how long she's slept and what she's eaten...and even how often she was changed. I always have to check what solids they've fed her so I make sure I don't feed her the same things over and over!

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9/26/06 1:02 P

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one more thing you might like to bring to daycare that no-one has listed yet
i know it seems daft but in all the rush and confusion of a new routine don't forget the baby!

everytime i walk away after dropping her off i feel like i have forgotten something, i feel empty without a baby in my arms or a pushchair to push!

Once Ashley settled in she became a pleasure for the carers at nursery, they can get her to do things that i can't like take a nap in a cot during the day, i get a little report everyday which tells me what she did, what she ate and drank and about her diaper changes, which is really useful and helps me transition well.
the one day that i forgot to pick up the slip i fed her the same thing for dinner as she had for lunch without knowing, how unlikely is that?!

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9/26/06 12:38 P

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I agree about asking. They will tell you what you need to bring. I provide:

Baby Food & Cereal
Bottles for the day
Diaper cream
A blanket
2 changes of clothes

My daycare provides snacks when the baby is old enough to have stuff like Cheerios and crackers and juice. They also provide wipes and sheets for the cribs. Oh, and they have their own bowls and spoons for feeding.

When they are running low on Amelia's supplies, they let me know.

I have to say, I have been very pleased with my daycare experience. She is really thriving...they absolutely love her and give her the care that I think I would. She is very stimulated by being around the other kids and I think it has helped her learn things faster. She also just learning to interact. Just recently I've been told she has started to play with the only other little girl in her infant class. She is a very tolerant baby and does well with people she doesn't know and I think a lot of it has to do with her daycare interactions.

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I'm Aly...a/k/a "Grace" to the Feb 06 mommies :)

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9/25/06 7:02 P

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I agree with talking to the daycare provider first. Ask if she is okay with keeping a set of bottles, bowls, spoons, formula, diapers, wipes, etc. at her house so that you don't have to cart that stuff everytime Ryan goes over there. She might even have the bowl, spoons, etc.

I would bring something that's comforting to her like a blankey, her favorite toy, etc. So that she has a part of 'home' with her while at daycare. I give everything to my nanny in advance. (formula, diapers, wipes, baby food, etc.) She just tells me when she's out of things. I think that's easier but just check with her to make sure she's comfortable with it. I even brought baby Orajel and baby Tylenol for her to keep on hand in case she ever needs it. It's so funny, this is like when we were all asking what to pack in our hospital bags. We want to make sure we have everything ready for our LO's.

Ryan's going to love getting out of the house a couple of days a week and being around other people. I think daycare is tougher on the mommies than the babies. I'm sure she does plenty during the week with you but this will be great for her to be around another child and different faces. Good luck mama, you and Ryan will do just fine!!!

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9/23/06 6:25 P

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Talk to the daycare provider...she can give you the best idea of what to bring. She may ask that you leave diapers (are you doing cloth or disposables at daycare?) and a change of clothes there at all times - bottles of milk, baby food etc.

As for toys - again she'll probably be the best judge...she may ask that you only bring something really special for Ryan - so that things don't get lost or left behind.

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9/23/06 3:29 P

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when we started I had to bring:
5 feedings (BM) per day plus the bottle etc.
4 extra outfits (stays there during the week)
diapers (she tells me when I have to bring more and she provides the wipes)
blanket (she tells me to bring a new one if the other one gets dirty)
toys are not necessary but I give her one of her bunnies or something
Now I'm bringing about 16oz of BM, bottle and 2-3 veggie/fruit/chicken cubes for lunch. I also gave her a cereal box and veggie/fruit puffs (for snacking) and I just bring more stuff whenever necessary. It works just fine.
I love my daycare- they also have dogs, which Anika loves. Oh, I usually put her in play clothes (lots of colors or dark stuff) bc they always get down and dirty. I have to take pics one of these days and post them, it is hilarious.

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9/23/06 11:14 A

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if i were you i would have a chat with the lady looking after her, she will be able to let you know what you need to bring and what she has available at her home, for example she may have a box of toys available for ryan to play with, which would save you bringing toys everytime.
you will most probably need to provide changing gear, a change of clothes, including outdoor clothes if she is likely to be taken to the park etc, and milk or food or both, then you will need to discuss with the carer about bowls and spoons, my daycare provides the food so all i need to do is send her in with her bottles of milk and they deal with all the food etc, i haven't even been asked to provide bibs, but you may want to provide your own.
remember the little things like sunscreen and diaper rash barrier cream.

She will most probably be fine with the carer, but be prepared for tears and problems with feeding the 1st few times, i would recomend you take her and spend an hour there, then leave her for an hour and build it up until you are happy that she is comfortable.

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9/23/06 10:59 A

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You might want to ask her what she has and what you'll need to provide.

Our daycare has a ton of toys, blankets, bibs, bowls and spoons. She also has the beds for them to sleep in. What I take is a bag of diapers (she provides the wipes), extra clothes, pacifiers, formula and bottles that stay there all the time. When she's out of diapers or formula she lets me know and I take more. She will feed them with food she has but I prefer for him to eat what I want him to eat so I bring his babyfood each day but thats the only thing I carry in there with me every day which makes it a lot easier than it was at first when I was taking his whole diaper bag with everything in it each day.

Darren actually likes to be at daycare because there's always so much going on and other kids running around to watch. When I get there to pick him up he's so happy to see me it makes me feel good.

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9/23/06 1:27 A

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OK, so Ryan's going into daycare...only 5 hours, twice a week, while I'm in school. DH's new job is more of a 8-5 thing, which is awesome, but that's not quite how I planned this quarter, so...

Anyway, a very nice woman, who has a 5yo, 2 darling dogs and a lovely home, is going to be watching her. But I have NO idea what to send her with. Do I send a bunch of toys? How much food? Of course, her pack'n'play, but clothes? Bowls? Spoons?

I don't want to overpack and seem crazy, but I don't want her to not have enough! Also, should I just leave things there on Monday and then take them on Wednesday? Rather than taking it home each night.

Anyhoo...I need your help!! And please, tell me that daycare isn't so bad, and that Ryan will be fine! I need a little reassurance here!

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