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Few hours of contractions, then nothing?!

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2/6/06 4:18 P

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I have that every afternoon, then again in the evening.

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2/6/06 4:08 P

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I had contractins that started at 4am and lasted all day Thursday. But they were too far apart. I got really excited. I have had them off and on since. It is really frustrating!!

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2/6/06 4:05 P

That happened to me about almost two weeks ago. I was having contractions and some pain in my lower stomach, but not in my back. It began around 10:30 in the morning until about 4:30 p.m., then it went away. It turned out to be false labor contractions. Boy was I disappointed.

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2/5/06 4:47 P

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I had pain and contractions on friday after the doc 'swept my membranes' then it all went away yeaterday and now I am losing the mucus (not bloody though) and waiting for the contractions to return!

Good Luck to U!

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2/5/06 4:09 P

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Yep this happened to me on Wednesday. I was having them every four to ten minutes for two and half hours. After an hour I called the midwife and she said to call back or go in when they were 3-5 minutes apart, I couldn't talk through them, and my tummy got so hard when contracting that I couldn't make a dent in it if I pushed on it. I was so excited, and then they just kind of faded away, coming less and less frequently until stopping completely. Frustrating, but it is our bodies way of warming up for the real thing!

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2/5/06 4:03 P

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Yep, been happening to me for a few weeks now. No fun. My lower belly feels like I've been doing sit-ups. Can't wait till this is over.

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2/4/06 9:41 P

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I loss my mucous plug about 4 days ago...I just had another contraction but that would have been 30 minutes since the last one. They are strong and I do need to breathe through them (although still could talk if I needed to)...SO who knows....If this continues then I will go to the hospital in about an hour.

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2/4/06 9:38 P

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I have had a few days worth of having contractions like that and NOTHING! But since you are having bloody show, I would definately call my doc and ask what to do next! (BTW have you already lost your mucus plug? If not, that could be it) This might be it for you!! GL! Let us know how things go for you... LUCKY!

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2/4/06 9:36 P

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I had that about a week before I had my son - (false labor is pretty common unfortunately)I had contractions 5 minutes apart for a day and a half but wasn't in true labor (wasn't progressing)

If you aren't sure, you are better off going to the hospital - they are used to women coming in who aren't 100% sure they are in labor...its all part of the journey!

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Hello baby #4!

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2/4/06 9:33 P

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Anyone else had a few hours of contractions, steady for 3-4 hours 8-10 mins apart and then have them stop? I have pinkish gooey discharge and tons of lower back pain..but the contractions have gone away! How frustrating...anyone else? I am 39 weeks...this happened one other time about two weeks ago (but without all the back pain and discharge).

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