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How many weeks are considered 5 months?

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10/6/05 1:26 P

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I'm beginning to think that nobody really knows how far along a pregnant women is by months!LOL! That is why I always just say weeks. Here is another explanation to what I found this morning, using myself as an example.

I am due on Feb. 3; I will be 40 weeks (A completed 9 months)

Jan.3-Start 9th month

Dec.3-Start 8th month

Nov.3-Start 7th month

Oct.3-Started 6th month

Most people don't factor in completing the 9th month. You actually start your 9th month @ 36 weeks. Take 9(months)x4(weeks)=36 weeks

Ha!Ha! I hope I didn't confuse people even more!

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10/6/05 1:19 P

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Whatever day you are do on in february,That day in every month you turn a month.Like I'm due ont the 5th of February so on the 5th on every month I turn another month I quess!!

Well I go for my ultrasound on the 20th of September
which hopefully when I go they will tell me what sex my baby to be is.Were hoping for a baby boy,but if it's God's will to give us a girl than Thank God for a healthy baby.My fiance and I are both taking off that day to go for the ultrasound.I can't wait it seems like forever like the 20th of September will never get here fast enough.But I know that it will be here soon enough for us.

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10/6/05 1:14 P

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Theres a website www.pregnancyguideonline. it says that at 24 weeks we hit 6 months.

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10/6/05 1:12 P

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I was just looking up this question this morning. They the easiest way is to start from your due date and count backwards. On your due date you are actually finishing up your 9th month.So you turn 9 months the month before your due date. I will be 23 wks. tomorrow and I am considered 6 1/2 months by this calculation. When you deliver you are actually starting your 10th month. 40 weeks, 4 weeks per month, you get 10 months.

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10/6/05 11:47 A

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in 22weeks so will that make me 5 1/2 or 6 months, great question

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10/6/05 10:18 A

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I'm at 20 weeks tomorrow and I will be on Month 5! YAY!!!! It never seems consistent with everyone, but I just got back from the doc yesterday and he confirmed me at 20 weeks / 5 months.

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10/6/05 9:31 A

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you know, i have to say i will be interested in when my little girl is born, since i never had a period (i had just stopped nursing the baby) and we have had to rely soley on the u/s to date how far i am!

Susie, 34
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10/6/05 9:15 A

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A normal preg is 9 months or 40 weeks. therefore, half of preg is 4 1/2 months or 20 weeks. Going by this, the end of the 5th month should be around 22 weeks.

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10/6/05 9:00 A

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I hate how the pregnancy timeline is designed. One book counts the weeks by date of LMP, another counts by fetal age or date of conception. Then there are 9 calendar months or 10 lunar months. This whole thing is confusing.
I especially love it when I tell people how far along I am and they start counting to see exactly when we concieved (because this is a honeymoon baby) and they think we concieved before the wedding.
I've stopped telling people how many weeks I am. I just say "I'm due mid February so I'm about 5 months along" and leave it at that.

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10/6/05 7:48 A

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Five months is considered between 18-22 weeks.

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10/6/05 6:03 A

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how interesting...i logged on today to post this exact same question!! thank you matter how confusing it can be.

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10/6/05 4:57 A

5 months is when you hit 20 weeks.

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10/5/05 11:42 P

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my mother and I argue about this all the time. I go by every 4 weeks equals a new month. Since I am due on the 2nd of Feb. my mother goes by everytime the 2nd of the month rolls around I am a new month.. I like my calculations better!

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10/5/05 7:34 P

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the whole weks vs months thing is SO annoying! drives me insane. i'm 20 weeks tomorrow, i just tell people weeks because every now and then you get that smart@ss who will be all, "oh that's 4 months, not 5" and it's so obnoxious! why do they make it so confusing and weird?

Susie, 34
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10/5/05 7:28 P

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My due date is Feb. 24th and I'm waiting until Oct. 24th to say that I'm officially at five months. On Friday, when I'm 20 wks, I'll say that I'm 4 and a half or so.

It's up to you - tell people whatever you want because they probably won't take the time to figure it out!

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10/5/05 6:04 P

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Your safe to say your 5 months girlie!!!!


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10/5/05 5:43 P

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common sense tells me that week 20 is 5 months and week 24 is 6. However, i have found that common sense and pregnancy sometimes dont mesh. Why do they say 9 months of pregnancy when its really 10???? its all crazy to me. i just follow my own, every month is roughly 4 weeks, so.....

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10/5/05 5:15 P

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Every source is a little different, but they are all generally close enough. The "What to expect when your expecting" book says 5 months is 18 - 22 weeks.

FYI: my mom bought me that book for 75 cents at the friends of the library. (most public libraries sell used books!)


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10/5/05 5:08 P

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This is my first so I don't know exactly but I was told when I was at 20 weeks I was 5 months...

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10/5/05 3:33 P

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Hey Labelavita

Weeks 19-22 are considered month 5.

There is a post about this on the baby fit cafe, but I don't remember what it was titled. I'll look for it tomorrow and if I find it I'll post the link.
A helpful person posted a list of the whole pregnancy and what weeks are considered what month.
Hope this helps

Happy baby growing

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