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Blood Type/WinRho Shot

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9/14/05 6:14 P

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SKYE25 ~ Don't feel bad. I'm 25 and didn't find out my blood type until I went to my first prenatal appointment.

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9/14/05 3:05 P

My mother had three kids and never had the shot and she was RH negative. I know they say it's necessary, but I guess one of my concerns with that and some may think it's silly is that I have never had any type of blood product given to me. Don't get me wrong, I would do anything in the world for the baby. I just want to make sure that it's safe. I haven't read any cases where aids has been spread by the shot. I have however, read some articles and I don't want to scare anyone, but that the shot causes autism in 64% of the mothers that have had them and they are RH negative. That is before they started making the Mercury Free shot, which is what I said that I would take if I get the shot. I hope that I don't offend anyone. I know many mothers that have had the shot and everything is normal. I guess me being a first time mom, you worry more than usual about things. I have a few more weeks before I figure out what to do.

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9/14/05 2:58 P

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Yeah, that's interesting... my mom is RH neg. and I was her first kid b/c I'm neg also. She didn't get any shots for me. When my brother was born RH pos., she got a shot after she gave birth. I guess they've changed it since then?

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9/14/05 2:44 P

I am RH negative too and this is my first. I am due Feb 4,06. I have read alot of info on the Rhogam shot. The only way that I would take the shot, is if it was the WinRho shot because it is Mercury Free. I haven't had a chance to talk to my doctor yet, but I have lots of questions on why you have to take the shot at 28 weeks. The only time that you should need the shot is if your blood mixes with the baies blood and that is usually in some cases during delivery. My ultra sound is tomorrow.

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9/14/05 10:05 A

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Jules is right, I am RH- and the dr said since this is my first preg. And no miscarriages, the blood doesn't mix until u give birth, so they will give me a shot at 28 weeks and then again after/when baby is born. FOr the rest of the preg u need to have them more frequently, not sure yet how many since I'm not their yet.

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9/14/05 9:40 A

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The rhogram shot is given if you are RH negative. I think it is usually given around 28 weeks, but I got mine early due to bleeding at 14 weeks. If your blood type is negative you will get one shot during pregnancy. After the baby is born - if it has a positive blood type you will be given a second shot. So far both of my boys were negative blood type so I only needed the first shot. As I understand it, the shot helps prevent problems with future pregnacies. In my case, because of the bleeding at 14 weeks he wanted me to get it early as a precaution. It isn't too bad - just a little sore for a while in the behind.


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9/14/05 1:57 A

Hi everyone,

I forgot to ask my doctor about this (again) today - what blood type I am. Can you believe I'm 25, and I don't know what blood type I am?

Anyway, my doc mentioned something quick about having to have a shot later on...

She likes to talk and I didn't get a chance to ask why - then we got onto another topic and I left without asking what she meant.

The only thing I can think of is the WinRho shot. Does anyone know what blood type (positive or negative) you need to be in order to have to have a WinRho shot???

I'm not really clear on the whole thing, except that sometimes the antibodies of the mother can attack the antibodies of the baby if the blood types conflict.

Does anyone know WHEN this shot is administered? (what trimester/month)



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