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1 1/2 year old suddenly crying at bed/nap time

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8/5/07 11:45 P

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I think I have posted to this topic before as well as to now. We think we have found out what our problem was for Kaylie crying and nap and bed. She was cold, yes COLD.. She would generally sleep with a diaper on because it has been so hot here. Well her body was used to the heat and she got chilled to quickly. Other times i think she wasn't tired enough yet so we would let her stay up a little longer and also started putting PJ'S on her and low and behold she went right to sleep no crying or whinning. I don't know if this would relate to anyone but it sure a good thought.

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7/27/07 6:30 P

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We bought almost blackout quality curtains for his room and he went from waking at 6am to waking at 8am, we also run a fan all night for the white noise. I also moved his nap back from 11:30 to 1pm and he seems happier. He does cry when I put him down at 1 because he is angry at being taken away from his play but he falls asleep within a few minutes becuase he knows he is tired and it is naptime, so I just let him cry for a few (not more than 5).

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7/27/07 1:45 P

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My girl is very stubborn, so she will cry forever. Another question for which I need your help: she weaks up between 5:30 and 6:30, crying, and it is clear she would like to sleep longer but there is not way to make her down again and let her sleep longer. of course during the morning she is fussy and sleepy but she will not want to get a nap. HOW DO I MAKE HER SLEEP LONGER IN THE MORNING? PLEASE HELP!

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7/27/07 1:29 A

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Jocelyn has been doing that at naps and bedtime too. I'm thinking it's that she wants to be part of the action, has her canines coming through, and maybe a growth spurt. She was eating like crazy today. She's usually in a pretty good mood during the day.

Jocelyn naps anywhere from an hour to three hours, usually closer to an hour.

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7/26/07 8:34 A

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JD's had some sleep issues also. But, I think his stems from wanting his way rather than not wanting to sleep. He just wants to stay up later and to sleep with mommy rather than by himself.

I recommend you let your LO cry it out. At first she's going to cry for a long time (especially if she's used to you coming and getting her). But, each night the crying will get shorter and shorter. And soon, you should be able to lay her down without her crying (hopefully).

I just switched JD to his toddler bed. he cried by the bedroom door for 20 minutes. But, once he realized I wasn't coming to get him, he layed down and went to sleep. The next night he cried for 5 minutes. Last night he cried all of two minutes. So, that first night was hard to listen to him cry and its natural to want to comfort them, but eventually it gets easier.

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7/25/07 2:45 P

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I wanted to bring the issue up. Does anyone have this problem yet. what do you do? do you let your child cry? f so for how long? please give some advice.

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7/11/07 1:57 P

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Hi everybody; it spent at least 1 year since I do leave a message here!
I am having the same problem with mine (18 months). She goes to sleep but then she weaks up several times; sometime it is enough to put the passy back, sometimes she does not go back to sleep at all. Also, for naps; I ear moms saying their kids nap like 3 hours at day, same age; mine just 1 or 1 1/2 hours. and I can tell she is not ready to get up; but as soon as she is awake she just starts to cry and scream. I am desperate I am not sure how to solve this problem. Any suggestions?

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7/11/07 11:25 A

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Izzy started doing this a few weeks ago too. She ends up sitting on the couch falling asleap or until I can tell she won't fight it. I know I am giving in but she cries and screams like she is terrified. I am so sick with this new pregnancy that I have been giving in and I know it. Hopefully I will be able to break her of it soon.

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7/11/07 2:08 A

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Caleb starting doing this a wk before i gave birth (now 5wks old), it came to the point of sleeping in his room or in the hallway just to get him to sleep...bugger that..
He started to get a bit better in the last few wks but what we did was make sure all the lights are off where he cant see you, he still thinks you are in the room, and when he cries we tell him to close his eyes and go to sleep, it took us about a wk to get to the stage of leaving him too go asleepon his own... but all is fair,
Plus he has his own pillow...amazing cause he is such a big boy now....

Good luck....

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7/10/07 7:35 P

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Genevieve (18 months) has been doing this the past couple of days, too! Crying like she's hurting when I go to put her down to sleep.

I have been giving her a little extra hugging but then put her down as usual. Eventually, she falls asleep just fine. I'm afraid if I change the routine (ie make a big deal out of it) then she will think she can do this to get out of going to bed!!

I think what's going on is that she now realizes that the rest of the family isn't going to bed, too, and that "fun stuff" is happening outside the crib!

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7/10/07 7:16 P

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Did the canines come in yet?? those gave us a haaaaard time and Sabrina kept waking up at night crying.

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7/10/07 6:10 P

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My 18 month old who has been falling asleep on his own in his crib since 4-5 mos has all of the sudden been crying hysterically when we lay him down for nap or bed time. No routine has changed, nothing. I don't think it is physiological (i.e gas, reflux). Is this separation anxiety??? Or a power struggle? I have to go in and pick him up to calm him down and then hysterical when I try to lay him down in his crib. Has anyone been experiencing anything similar??? I feel like I am missing something.

Zackary Michael 12-31-05

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