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Good Start? Enfamil?Similac?

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3/25/06 1:43 P

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I started of bf... When he 1st started using formula it was Enfamil Lipil and ended up with GoodStart because that is what WIC gives

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3/24/06 5:31 P

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Riley was on GoodStart as recommended by his doctor. I had to stop breastfeeding, because he preferred formula, and I had too many problems with bf.

GoodStart makes babies have green poo, which I wasn't a fan of, and it also gave him bad stomach problems.

I have now switched to Similac, which is what myself and my siblings were raised on, and I have noticed a world of a difference in his attitude, and how the formula reacts to him. I will stay with Similac as long as no problems arise. But as others have said. Every baby is different.

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3/24/06 4:53 P

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Charlie started out on enfamil lipil but when we signed up for WIC they put him on goodstart. He seems to do better. He doesnt spit up as often and he poops more regular. And if we have to buy any it is cheaper. We had to go half and half for a few days until he got adjusted but it went well.

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3/21/06 5:33 P

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I am now using good start with omego 3+6 fats and he is having bowel movements twice a day (compared to once every 5 days while b/feeding) he is doing alot better with this formula but of course it's the most expensive!

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3/16/06 9:37 A

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I feel rather odd that Ill be the only person using the Sam's Club Brand. Anyhow, I have tried Good Start and my baby's poop were hard and powdery...besides, I check on the nutritional info at the back and Good Start is just way less that any other formula. The Sam's club brand is reasonable in price plus the Nutritional Info is almost if not more than any popular formulas like Enfamil and Similac. It is easily dissolved in water and my baby's poop is just right, not hard but not too wet either. I have tried Enfamil and didnt do well with her stomach. It took her 3 days to poop and it was hard. My baby didnt have any problems with her weight using the Sam'sClub brand. Infact, she is almost twice her size now at 2 1/2 months.


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3/16/06 2:08 A

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my husband wants to switch him like NOW... but i explained to him that you cant just switch with the snap of a finger. and that its a gradual process. but he just doesnt get it. but were going to buy some similac tomorow hopefully and start the process of switching him

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3/15/06 4:36 P

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Matthew is on Similac Advance Isomil. Oh, the soy stinks... but we started with bfeeding but dried up and switched him to enfamil lipil and he cried for hours, didn't sleep and was constipated so we are on similac now and he does great!


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3/15/06 11:55 A

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My daughter is on Enfamil AR b/c she has reflux. She does get constipated from time to time, so my Dr. told me to give her diluted prune juice if it gets bad. We have a few times, and it definitely helps. I will say the AR is great for her reflux.

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3/15/06 12:33 A

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my son is on emfamil lipil and i was thinking about switching because the daycare he is starting tomorow provides similac, and i was also thinking maybe hes gassy and fussy because of the enfamil... so i was going to see how he did with similac. i still have a ton of enfamil (costco style! lol) so ill be able to switch him slowly without a drastic change to his system.

Jakob Raymond Taylor.. born Dec 31, 2005. 10:37pm. 8 lbs 12 oz, 21 in. born at 39 weeks.
our daughter, Kaitlyn is 2 yrs old. Our family is now finished and complete and we couldnt be happier!

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3/13/06 8:11 P

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My son is on Similac Advance and he is doing great with it. We had to supplement or a day in the hospital and that is what they had. SO when we started supplementing at home we already had a sample and coupons for Similac.

I was paranoid that we were not giving him the "right" formula b/c every company claims it is the best and has a higher percentage of something in their formula. Our doctor said they are all pretty similar nutritionally (the ones with Iron anyway).

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Posts: 773
3/13/06 4:00 P

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my lil man is on good start with iron and his poop is dark green, I just started the switch because he wasn't doing great on bfeeding but don't know to switch without the painful engorging....want to do it slowly....any suggestions?

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3/13/06 12:52 P

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My son is on good start as well and his poop is green too the dr said its normal!

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3/13/06 10:07 A

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I use Similac Advance and my guy is growing fast on it and doing well. You can sign up for their first additions club and get a ton of $5 checks off your puchases - we've saved a lot of money with them. I know Enfamil and Good Start do the same thing.


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3/13/06 9:43 A

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Now that Hailey is on formula, she takes enfamil lipil, and she does great, poops once a day and doesnt really spit up much unless you jostle her around after shes eaten, lol.

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3/13/06 8:34 A

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I used Nestle and decided to go on Enfamil because Nestle doesnt seem to disolve all the powder even after 10 minutes of shaking.
I actually switched couple of times but didnt notice that much change with the baby. She poops every 2 days and acts the same all the time.
Every baby is different. Sometimes when you do change and there is some reaction (except allergy) maybe you should give a day or two.

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3/13/06 7:46 A

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My son is on Similac Advanced and he's been going very well with it.

Don't switch back and forth because that will definately make their little tummy's hurt.

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3/12/06 8:07 P

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Every little one is different. My son didn't do well on Similac so he's been on Enfamil.

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3/12/06 7:02 P

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Find what works good with your baby and stick with it!

Peace and Blessings,

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3/12/06 6:52 P

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We have sub with similac a couple times and it worked just fine!

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3/12/06 6:08 P

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I was curious as to what worked best for all of your little ones.
I started my daughter out on Similac Advance and things were fine, then I realized that Enfamil had higher DHA ARA levels so my husband and I switched her for 2 days. She now has lots of gas and didn't poop for over 24 hrs yesterday. When she did finally go, it seemed painfull and was really dry.
I'm putting her back on Similac for now because my poor baby seemed perfectly fine with that one.

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