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Mucus plug lost, no contractions?

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1/13/06 11:45 A

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I will be 38 weeks tomorrow and I havent noticed loosing mine yet. I think I'm having some BH contractions, but not a whole lot. I also have heard that you can loose your mucus plug and still not go into labor for a couple of weeks. I don't think anything is certain when it comes to having babies.

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1/13/06 9:56 A

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Have you had shaper than normal pains down below? That is usually a sign of effacement rather than contractions. But I didn't lose mine until 4-5 hours into labor. If it is the real plug, not just pieces it will be about a cup of it. Not that I measured but you can eyeball it. And it will keep producing, so if you lose it early you will probably lose it again. although not everyone notices, especially once labor begins.

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1/13/06 8:04 A

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I just lost a good portion of mine last night after walking 6 miles yesterday (I'm due today).

My first internal was Wed at 39w 5d and I was dilated a "fingertip" and 50% effaced. So I hadn't made much progression at that point. But last night I took a looooong bath & started having regular contractions for about 2 or 3 hours, but they stoped when I went to bed (they were only every 10 to 15 min). I'm crampy this morning, so I'm hoping it's a good sign.

Oh and as far as contractions, apparantly what I thought were larger BH were/are real -- at my NST I only had one contraction measured, and I only felt one, which I had thought was a BH but it measured at 80-90, so either I had a real one I didn't feel or the BH feeling for me is very similar to a real one

But, I'll let you know as far as when I actually start labor since I just lost my plug yesterday...

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1/13/06 7:38 A

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I most of mine at 35 weeks and then some or the rest the other day, am now 38 weeks. So! It all depends on your body! It's hard to find answers!

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1/12/06 3:31 P

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From what I here you can loose your mucus plug weeks before delivery or during labor, one of those things that doesn't really mean much, just like dialating, you might not dialate at all until labor or you can start really early on but not deliver until weeks and weeks later. I haven't started dialating yet either (had my first internal exam today) I was very dialated but my doctor wasn't concerned...she said it isn't uncommon for a first timer to still not be dialated yet, and I am at 39 weeks as of today.
Well I wish you luck, I hope both our babies soon decide to make their appearance!

Oh and as far as I know I haven't noticed loosing my plug (not every one notices either). I am having bad BH contractions for a while now but so far they haven't really done much in helping me dialate! So I wouldn;t worry about it, my mom said she never had BH before any of her 4 kids, so not everyone has them!

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1/12/06 2:55 P

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I am wondering when all of you lost your mucus plug and then when labor started (or how long it has been)? I have read that it doesn't mean a whole lot and you may not go into labor for another two weeks after you lose your plug.

I am pretty sure I just lost (or partially lost) mine and I am hoping that is a good sign! But I haven't ever felt one BH contraction that I know of. I am 38 weeks and 3 days. I hope this means my cervix is thinking about dialating...

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