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Your baby's weight in these final weeks?

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12/29/05 10:22 A

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I had my 38 week appointment on Tuesday and my doctor wanted to know what we were in for on Monday (my induction date). So, she sent me for an ultrasound and they said the baby was measuring 7 lb 6 oz and should be around 8 lbs by Monday but they could be off by as much as a pound but are usually really close.

So, I'm not sure how valuable their estimates are... I guess we'll find out Monday!


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12/29/05 8:59 A

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I was told the most "scientific" way they now have to predict birth weight is via a special "growth scan" performed @ exactly 32 weeks (different from the anatomy scan done @ the beginning of T2). Since I was having some issues, we had this done. It was basically just a specialized ultasound that took about 45 mins. or so, during which time they took specific measurements (such as the circumference of the baby's head and abdomen, and the size of certain other specific bones and organs) and some other info. re: parents/prior pregnancies, and plugged everything into an algorhythm that then spit out #'s and %'s). Supposedly, if performed right @ 32 weeks (which depends on knowing your EDD with near certainty), there is only a small margin of error for predicting birth weights @ 40 weeks (of course - if you deliver early/late, it will still be off). We'll soon see!!!

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12/29/05 8:41 A

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At my scan yesterday ( 37 weeks 3 days ) they told me that Junior is already 8.5 lbs...!

Man thats gonna hurt!

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12/28/05 10:41 P

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at 36 weeks and 4 days, doc says she's apporox 5.5lbs.

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12/28/05 9:50 P

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alot of dr's wont estimate weights as it is hard to guess when you are just feeling a baby with your hands from outside of your womb! they can give you an average which most babies are in, or average from previous p'g's. Also a u/s can help estimate weight but no dr will say ok your baby will be this weight, and hey an average weight can go from 6 1/2 lb to 8 lb they are bound to get it int he average

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12/28/05 9:27 P

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ER4444- The only reason I had the US was because my Dr didn't want me to have a c-section too early if the baby was small. With my first I had a US only after she was overdue-8 days. They told me that she was about 7.6 lbs and she turned out to be 6.15. Not too off the mark. I wouldn't worry! Your baby is probably an average size. They probably won't give you a US unless there is a good reason for it. If I was you I'd ask at my next appointment, How many inches you were measuring? The number of inches you are should approximately match the number of weeks you are? That might give you a better idea.

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12/28/05 10:33 A

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My doctor won't tell me. I've asked her on 2 separate visits, & she just tells me what the average weight is for newborns & she would guess he is average. It's been a little frustrating because it seems like most of you & most of my other friends have always been told by their doctor the weight of the baby. My doctor always throws in that she's known tall women to hide big babies too. (I'm 6') Who knows?!

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12/28/05 10:31 A

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As of US today 36 weeks baby is 6 lbs. Tech thinks the baby should be around 7 lbs by my c-section date Jan 18th. I'm very happy about the weight b/c my dr thought the baby was small.

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12/28/05 9:49 A

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At 34 weeks he is about 4 1/2 pounds. Of course that was about 2 weeks ago.

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12/28/05 8:40 A

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At 35 weeks they did an US and they said 4 1/2 lbs. My first was 6 14 when he was born and came at 36-37 weeks so Im hoping that this one will be small like his big brother. Im small and don't want a C-section.

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12/28/05 6:00 A

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I had an US yesterday and was told 5.5 lbs at 36 weeks. I was expecting a larger baby. But after reading this thread you guys are making this sound good.

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12/24/05 8:41 P

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At 33 week ultrasound, 6 1/2 pounds. If she goes fullt erm, she'll be huge!

My first was 8lb 10oz & had shoulder dystocia & ended up with a broken collarbone...hoping to avoid that complication this time.

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12/24/05 10:02 A

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After my last trip to the doctor at 34 1/2 weeks, my baby was weighing over 6 lbs...I'm not too sure about now at 36 weeks.

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12/23/05 11:37 P

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I'm not sure how much my baby weighs. I never thought to ask, and the Drs haven't told me. I think they figure she is going to be like her brother 6lbs 9oz seeing as how she is probably going to be born right around the same time was 38 wks 2days.

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12/23/05 11:26 P

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I am 35 week and baby is weighing 7 pounds. It is est. that baby from here to the end will gain 1/2 pound a week. YIKES if I goto my DD I will have a HUGE baby. But I doubt I will because I an already dilated to 2 and been having contractions.

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12/23/05 10:37 P

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At 36 weeks 3 days, baby is estimated at over 7 1/2 pounds. They will do a c-sect on Jan 4 but dr thought I could go earlier because baby is so big and I have alot of amniotic fluid so not much room for baby to move around.

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12/23/05 1:20 P

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At 38 weeks, my little boy is close to 8 pounds. We are expecting a big, long baby.


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12/23/05 12:05 P

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AT 36 WEEKS my baby's estimated weight was 5.1 lbs...I spoke with my OB yesterday and she said U/s is at times +/- 2 that means my baby can also weigh 7.1 I dont know...but I wish I do not have to have a big baby as I am so small.


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12/23/05 11:46 A

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At 38 weeks he/she is 7lbs 12 oz.

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12/23/05 11:35 A

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At my 32 week ultrasound she weighed 4lbs. 5oz., they didn't tell me what her estimaied weight would be at birth who knows, we'll just have to see I guess. My guess is 7lbs. 4oz.

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12/23/05 10:58 A

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At my u/s this past monday, Kaitlyn was estimated to weigh 5lbs. I was 34wks 3d.

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12/23/05 10:12 A

A week ago, my doc estimated the baby weighed about 6 1/2 pounds. This was just by feeling the baby though, so it is probably a pretty rough guess. I am 37 weeks/38 as of this coming Monday.

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12/23/05 10:09 A

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Hi everyone,

Just curious how many of you know what your baby's weight is right now. I am 36 Weeks and 5 days along and my baby weights 6lb 9oz. Her expected birth weight is 8.5lb.

Stella Penelope
January 23, 2006

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