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My baby kicks only on one side

Posts: 695
10/27/05 10:40 A

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That's so cute! Mine kicks to my left. I think it's good though because she's cradled to the right and not against my spine which would cause back labor if she were to stay like that!

DUE DATE: DEC 5TH Owen Thomas
Charlotte Jan 30th 2006 8:11am
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10/27/05 10:24 A

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My baby favors the left side too. I sometimes feel him pushing so hard on the left that my tummy hurts. But how I look forward to those kicks!!

Sandy-Lee, mom to Genene Kathryn (8yrs) & Jeriah Tyrelle born 25 Jan 2006.

Posts: 821
10/26/05 8:24 P

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I wish mine would find a spot and make a nest for a few days. He is all over. Up and down arms flailing around, feet kicking. I feel like hes banging on the side and screaming let me out of here

Charles Lee McCune Jr.(Charlie) was born on January 16, 2006
Posts: 221
10/26/05 6:45 P

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My baby likes to get right up under my ribs and kick there. Not so comfy. Even the ultrasound tech noticed, and had me lay on my left and then my right side. I guess baby just finds a spot where he gets settled and stays.

Posts: 2495
10/26/05 9:47 A

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My baby does the same thing. 2 sides at once-- but I do feel like she kicks my right more than my left--
Don't worry. Your bean has just found a nice comfy place to lay and doesn't want to move!


Hailey Jeanine January 8th 2006
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M/C 10/19/2006

Posts: 27244
10/26/05 9:39 A

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My baby tends to kick on both sides at the exact same he kicking and punching me and at night it feel like he is running a marathon and swinging his hands in the air it feels so cool.

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Tiana Lovell 1/3/06

Posts: 1384
10/26/05 9:34 A

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As long its kicking.... that's all it matters. My baby has ups and downs. Sometimes it kicks only on one side, then starts on both sides then stops totally and then all over again. Usually in weird hours.

Posts: 368
10/26/05 9:27 A

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Mine kicks mostly on the left side. He is laying diagonally with his head and arms on my left and that is what I feel. Sometimes I feel it on in the middle. I wouldn't worry too much


Alex came early! 12/15/05

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Posts: 27
10/26/05 9:02 A

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My baby tends to kick only on my right side, although if I lay on my left side for an extended period of time (like at night) then she will kick on the left side. I get rolling/shifting movement all over. I wouldn't worry about that, since it seems to be incredibly common.


Baby Girl
EDD: Jan. 4, 2006

Posts: 6309
10/26/05 8:28 A

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My baby is on my right side, so I get more kicks to the left side, but rolling around movement all over. I get the butt hitting the ribs on the right side - I'm sure your baby just likes to hang out in one spot and kick you from there:)


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10/25/05 10:49 P

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yeah i only get kicks on my left side too.. I mean idk if you're worried that your baby doesn't have both legs or what but I know baby has both legs I saw it in the u/s haha so I just figured its the way she's laying


Posts: 933
10/25/05 10:33 P

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i get most of my kicks on the right hand side...........i no bubs us attached on the left side but if i lay on my left side for an extended time i will get kicks on my left side but majority time on my right.nothing to really worry about it just depends how bubs is laying and how he is comfy

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Angus William Kelvin

Posts: 72
10/25/05 8:50 P

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Hi girls,

Hope that this only me being paranoid: but my baby only seems to be kicking on my left side. Does anyone have the same experience? Should I be concerned? Thanks in advance for your replies.

Stella Penelope
January 23, 2006

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