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Male Pregnancy Symptoms

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8/16/05 9:02 A

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Oh you guys are so funny! My DH is worse then I am about his aching muscles, feet, back, EVERYTHING! He owns his own business and works on renovateing houses all day so he is doing manual labor so that is why he should get more sympathy then me! Hahahaha I am carrying my 3rd child NO SYMPATHY FROM ME BUDDY~!~

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8/16/05 8:56 A

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My poor husband, he has had it all even the morning sickness, I had none of it. I guess better him then my I HAVE to be the one to go through labor

Remember that It's all worth it :)
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8/15/05 12:35 P

Mine too!! he feels all the symptons and today he was complaining of lower back pains!

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8/14/05 10:33 A

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My DH eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and is gaining weight

Jayden Travan Sims
4/3/12 2:29pm
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8/13/05 12:01 P

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My husband is slightly moody (but he is also in flight training right now, so it could be that), and he won't workout if I don't go with him. It's funny cause he thinks that if I take a day off (almost six months pregnant), then he shouldn't have to do anything either. I am trying to keep him from gaining pregnant weight, so I end up going every day in order to get his butt on the treadmill. I always assumed that he would be the one pushing me to get into the gym, but I guess he figured he would get a nine month vacation out of this!


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8/12/05 11:31 P

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Mine has moodswings worse than I do, forgetfulness, and constant BM!

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8/12/05 4:31 P

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My DH has:

mood swing
cravings (more then I do!)
constant need to use the bathroom (BM)

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8/12/05 4:26 P

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My Dh has more symptoms than I do!

He has:

morning sickness
back ache
mood swings
constant need to pee

and the list goes on and on...

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8/12/05 3:42 P

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I'm so glad you girls have said it all already. I simply don't have the energy or patience to go there. First baby --- yep, he had it worse than me. This one too. NO room for me to be sick, achy, tired or grumpy.

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8/12/05 3:40 P

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I am so glad that I am not the only one! My sweet husband is far worse of than I am! Talk about bitchy for no reason, holy crap look out! He has the worst stomach symptoms and his latest is his SI aching terribly! By the way he is "Not at all amused" when I suggest that any of this is sympathy symptoms.
I have to laugh!

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8/12/05 3:19 P

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My hubby has had morning sickness...
I have had none....
I have a migraine....
His is even worse...
My hair is falling out....
His is falling out so much...he will soon need a toupee (or so he says)....
I'm getting a belly...
So is he (or so he says)...

I was reading an article that some men start producing more estrogen when their wives are pregnant. Dude....I believe it!

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Which I guess is okay if you like cheese....
But maybe the key is to be the mouse....
What the hell am I saying? I think I'm
freaking out!" -Ben Stiller

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8/12/05 2:15 P

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Hee hee. My DH has had preggo symptoms from day 1. I think they try to outdo us for some reason.

He had morning sickness once or twice; I didn't.
He was tired in the first tri; I wasn't.
He has gained weight; well, I've gained more.
He is moody, scatter-brained, etc.! It's hillarious.

BabyFit Community Team
~ Angela, Mommy of two dimpled girls
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8/12/05 9:14 A

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Oh my gosh...I thought I was the only one with the DH going through this. All he needs is a little round belly like mine and we would be twins!! He's had the WORST seafood and frosting cravings. If he isn't pregnant...I don't know WHO is!! It's really rather amusing to see him going through this...I on the other hand haven't had any cravings. Go figure!!

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8/12/05 9:08 A

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My hubby is craving Ice Cream. (he never eats ice cream) He is also forgetful now, not attentive and moody. It's so funny. He also get crampy when I'm crampy. It's so crazy how we are so connected.

Tarynn Nicole 12/17/05
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8/12/05 8:14 A

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my hubby is having all the symptoms. he never really ate sweets before, now he's eating candy, cake, ice cream...and he's crabby! his mood swings are worse than mine.

Jeanne & T'Quan
It's a girl! "Kyla Joi" 11/29/05

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8/12/05 6:45 A

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With my first pregnancy my husband had the morning sickness for me. With this pregnancy he is gaining weight right along with me. It's not from my cooking either. All I've been eating is heathy food so you would think he would be losing weight.

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8/12/05 12:26 A

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My fiance is thousands of miles away in afghanistan and he's having sympathy pains. Whenever I dont feel good he doesnt feel good. When Im crabby, he's crabby...hes had constant pms.. ;~) and he gets up every four hours to pee at night is the most recent thing ;~) hehe..

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8/11/05 11:40 P

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My b/f isn't emotional but he has sympathy he weird cravings but will not cook anything until I give the okay, I can stand that smell tonight

My name is Leanne.
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8/11/05 11:22 P

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For real, you guys...what is up with the hubby having worse pregnancy symptoms than mine??? He has gained some weight (although he's trying to stop), is always tired, is craving chocolate, and is SO crabby that he beats me in the being hormonal department. He's driving me crazy! I think the weight gain has something to do with my obsessive urge to bake since I got pregnant, though...hehehe. Just wondering if you all are having your guys deal with "sympathy" symptoms, too.

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