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37 weeks and no dilation, contractions, nada!!

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11/23/05 8:58 A

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Im 38wks and have had no signs of contractions,not dilated at all and the head hasn't engaged yet.Im due on the 12/5/05 but if it hasn't come b4,then I'm getting induced on the 12/10/05.I want it out already.

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11/21/05 10:40 P

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I'm almost 35 weeks with #3 and I start getting checked next week. With my 2nd, I went in on Thursday for my reg appt and hadn't done a thing...I went into labor two days later and had her within 3 hours. I was dilated to a 6 by the time I got to the hospital and wasn't even sure if I was in labor. When the time is're new baby will decide to come!! Good Luck!!

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11/21/05 10:35 P

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i was checked last week at 36 weeks because i was feeling alot of pressure. my doc said i was extremely soft and althought im not due til the 12th he didn't think i would make it til the third. I have another apt tom and im hoping he tells me some good news!!

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11/21/05 10:30 P

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I was checked Friday during a False Alarm appointment (I thought I was leaking fluid, but wasn't) and I was still totally closed and thick.

I go back tomorrow and am hoping for something. I can't believe I am saying this, but I want this over. So far it has been a breeze, but my hands are driving me crazy and I think my blood pressure is up because I feel strange.

The scary thing is that my doc is going out of town from Wed to Sat. After all that we have been through just to get pregnant, I can't imagine my doc not being there!

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11/21/05 5:08 P

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You never know when u go back how things may have progressed. I went one week and no dialation went the next week and was 2 cm. Went Thursday and now I am 2.5 cm. I'm having contractions regularly, but they stop after two hours. This start and stop is nerve wrecking, but I do want Justin to come when he says it is time.

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After a hard days work

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11/21/05 3:42 P

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My doctor checked me when I was almost 36 weeks because I was contracting on the monitor, but I wasn't dilated any. I go back in the morning, they will check again for dilation. I will be 37 weeks and 5 days.

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11/21/05 3:17 P

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Most doctors don't even do a routine dialation check anymore, only on rewuest because it's really not accurate. You could go into labor tonight. I've known people to do that. A friend of mine was dialted 2cm for 2 weeks before she went into labor. It really isn't accurate enough to go by. Don't get down, it could still happen at any time.

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12-14-05 2:14am

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11/21/05 3:10 P

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Any time between 38 and 42 weeks is considered ON TIME! I want to be on the early side, but I want my baby to come when it is ready!!

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11/21/05 3:02 P

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I know your going to go another person telling me what to do (at least thats what I would say) But walking has to be the best thing that has helped me progress!! I hate walking though... I have to FORCE myself and just say the more you walk the faster she will come! As of last wednesday I was 1 cm and not efacing yet. So hopefully all this walking has done me some good! Find out Wednesday!

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11/21/05 2:55 P

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I am due the day after you and found out today that I am dilated to a 1 and a half. I was hoping for a little more progress...but oh well. Good luck to you....!!

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11/21/05 2:08 P

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I feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever! Went to the dr. and everything is "high and tight". Darn!! Was hoping for a little progress! How are the rest of you faring? Anyone want to commiserate w/ me??

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