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Is it possible to overfeed your newborn???

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12/15/05 9:32 P

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Well I gave Joshua a bottle of breast milk for the first time day before last and he drunk 5 oz, he then feed from me for another 10 minutes! He didnt feed for another 4.5 hrs though and he nornally feeds every 2.5-3.5. It was the first time he actually stopped himself feeding and he seemed so satisfied.
Well the next day i made his bottle (im giving him one a day) with 7oz (that was 24 hrs worth of expressing after each feed, because my milk supply has dropped so much dues to mastits) and he drunk all of that. He did spill a little afterwards though. He honestly will just keep feeding, he has no self control.

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12/15/05 8:15 P

i was thinking the same thing. geez, 2 ounces?! i tried to go by that for a few feedings but he seemed unhappy so i just gave him what he wanted. i figure he knows how hungry he is better than a magazine article.

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12/15/05 5:58 P

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You can over feed but they will just throw it up. Audrey does it all the time.

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12/15/05 2:55 P

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Geesh two ounces? Jayden will be a month old tomorrow and he's eating like 6 ounces every 2 hours I guess. He's an oinker!

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12/15/05 2:36 P

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My baby is now 4 weeks old and he has been having 4oz bottles for about 3 weeks now and in between will sleep about 3 - 5 hours, the last couple of days though he has been wanting to eat pretty much every 3 hours, I don't know if they have another growth spurt at that age, he will throw up now and again but not to often, but I think that he would eat more if he could. Sometimes I think that they get a gas bubble and that stops it from going down. I just take it day by day, let him control you and then make sure when you feed that you hold your baby more upright and then burp sometimes in the middle of feeding.

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12/15/05 2:08 P

i was wondering the same thing, too. i read in Parenting that newborns should only eat 2-3 ounces each feeding but my son would eat 4 and sometimes 5 ounces. i only give him 4 ounce bottles now but he just wont stop feeding when he's "full." there is usually a little bit of spit up but not too much. i also heard though that at 2 weeks newborns have a growth spurt and feed a lot more. he was at 2-3 weeks then so that could explain it, too.

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12/15/05 12:08 A

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Yeah her pediatritian said if she eats too much she'll just spit up a bit. So she always over eats because there's always a bit of spit up after she eats.

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12/11/05 1:41 P

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It might be possible but they will just throw it up if they get too much. Make sure that when they are latched on you can see their job moving and HEAR them sucking, otherwise they are going to use you as a pacifier. You might want to pump to see how much you are getting. He might not be getting enough. Also, he might be a slow eater or the milk is coming out slow. No big deal on that part.

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12/11/05 12:57 P

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Just wondering if it's possible to overfeed your newborn. I know people say they'll come off when they're full...but I think Logan would stay on there all day if he could. I usually just take him off when he slows down eating...but I'm wondering if that's why he always seems so hungry.

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