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pain between your legs?

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9/2/05 5:38 P

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Hi I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with these miserable cramps between the legs and especially when you get out of bed or try to turn to the other side. It just makes you wanna scream.

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9/2/05 12:51 P

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my mom said the same thing about the pains i get between my hips. Just growing pains and I still have 7 more weeks of growing : ( I still told the dr. anyways and he pushed on me and just smiled so I took that as an a-ok. Now pains a little further south is a whole nother story! These are sharp severe pains out of no where! And he's kicking/punching so low that sometimes I swear if i reach down i'll feel his arm just hanging out. I'm going to mention this new occurance on tuesday.

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9/2/05 10:37 A

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I was having some very similar pains. When I asked my doctor about them she said it was just ligaments stretching, and that there wasn't really anything I could do. I've heard other people say that it is baby sitting on a nerve, but I'm going with my doc on this one!

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9/2/05 9:37 A

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Ok, these pains are getting WAY to bad!! They had me crying this morning! It's like right in between my legs, it kind of feels like I pulled my "groin". That's the only way I can explain it!!! The pain is at it's peek when I get out of bed in the morning and after sitting for long periods of time at my desk at work.

Any ideas on what I can do???


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8/28/05 8:52 P

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Hi i am experiencing that cramp period-pain thing too.After telling my mid wife she said it could be an bladder infection which could lead to early labour so make sure you get a test.Just wee in a tube.. simple.My test was negitive but beta to be safe huh?!

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8/28/05 7:57 P

I have that pain too, just as you described. Like you, I didn't know how to explain it. I was embarrassed to go to my dr. and say that I had pain in my crotch area. But just like you, I feel it after lying down for a while. It's good to know I'm not alone. I have had 2 previous pregnancies, but I don't remember feeling this.

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8/27/05 10:47 P

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I was wondering if that was normal as well. Good to know that it is. It is especially uncomfortable when I get up from laying on the couch, in bed, or when I am at work and I stand up from my desk and waddle down the hall to the bathroom. Isn't it nice to know waddling is such entertainment for everyone to comment on? Anyways, thanks!

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8/26/05 9:12 A

Ladies thank you for your postings. I'm experiencing the same. I just felt "funny" talking to any one about it. But, thanks to your postings, it is as if I have laredy been talking to you. Thank you.

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8/23/05 10:57 A

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Hi there - I am here today - I ended up going to lay down the remainder of the day yesterday after I wrote - I am doing better today - Can't say I know what it was - but it certainly is not as bad as yesterday - I find myself today being EXTREMELY emotional - I think at this point I am scared out of my mind. Thanks for being there and listening and offering help.

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8/22/05 9:21 P

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I'm having the same pains, I have a doc appt on thursday so I will make sure to ask. Seems like I have a huge list already of things to ask my doctor.

I am to the point where anything and everything I do cause some sort of pain, or ache. My feet and ankles get swollen if I am on them for more than an hour (this includes just walking around the house). My back hurts 27/7. It hurts while walking, standing, sitting and laying down. I am having some serious BH contractions. Just about every other day they seem to have a pattern and are regular, but are very very far apart. My itching has gotten worse and now I have sores all over my body from the scratching. Not to mention I can't sleep and am getting more moody than ever. I just know my doctor is gonna freak when I tell him all of this..he is gonna think im a hypocondyract(sp?). But with my due date being only 6 weeks away, I feel like I want him to know every litle thing going on with me or the baby. A friend of mine had to have an induction 10 days before her due date because of her swelling. So I guess im just being safe and not sorry.

I hope everyone else is feeling somewhat better than me.


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8/22/05 8:10 P

Collen- I am not sure what we are experiencing but I have a doc appt tomorrow and will ask as see what it is once I find out I will post and let you know. If you feel any worse call your doc or a nurse.

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8/22/05 8:04 P

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Collen-Don't be scared, do you have any family closed to your house? In case you go into labor. Hope you feel better and keep us posted.

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8/22/05 5:00 P

I have some pain there too. I dont know really how to explain it only to say that it feels as its right on my cervix and sometimes I think that shes going to slip out on me.

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8/22/05 2:23 P

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ive had the same hting and my doc suggested upping my water intake! he said its just the stretching and he said in non first time moms it gets alittle more painful bs they dont want to strtch as much

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8/22/05 1:42 P

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I have the same thing. I have to sleep with a pillow between my legs.
My doctor said it was the pelvic bone getting ready "stretching", getting softer.
So its normal. SOmetimes it hurts so bad when I walk, but doc still says its normal. I guess just one more thing we have to endure.

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8/22/05 1:40 P

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If it is what SarahBraun is describing, it's probably your symphus pubus (have no idea how to spell that). I woke up a couple weeks ago with sore and achy hips, which is also caused by the same thing.

As we get further along our bodies let out these hormones that soften our joints making our pelvis more pliable so baby can fit through better - these are just side effects of this hormone. I also get kind of a sharp shooting pain in my crotch, almost feels like baby is gonna stick his/her arm out and wave. The June mommies coined the term "cooter pains". :)

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8/22/05 9:49 A

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Hi I have experienced the same pain, I asked my dr and he said that it is the 2 pelvic bones....they strech or rub together depending on your position, I have had it for awhile , but I am carrying very low. He also told me that it could be the ligaments that hold those 2 bones together.....pillows help at night, and to get up I swing both legs at the same time and then stand up.....Good luck

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8/22/05 9:30 A

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At my last appt. my midwife let me know that I would begin to feel more cramping and that that was normal, unless it came at regular intervals like preterm labor pains.

~Mandy Beth

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8/22/05 9:13 A

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I've been experiencing some not-quite-like period cramping, and pressure that creates pain, especially towards the end of the day. I also have a drs appt today, but my experience in the past just makes me think this is just "normal" getting ready time. My baby has been low for quite a while, and I know that based on my size he's running out of room. This caused me a lot of pressure with my last son, born 2.5 weeks early and still weighed 7 lbs 5 oz. I am assuming it is the same with this boy, especially since he's measuring big.

Take care...hang in there!


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8/22/05 7:05 A

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Hello ladies,

I have been away for awhile so not sure if this question has been asked and answered already, so here goes.

Is anyone else experiancing pain between their legs? It is hard to explain or even pin point the exact spot, but it is a weird like muscular pain between my legs where my thighs meet my pelvic region. I feel it most when I try to turn over in bed or get up after sitting for awhile. Also have been experiancing a kind of period pain. Not cramping but a tenderness like just before you get your monthly period and or ovulate. Have my 34 week check up tomorrow so will ask the doc, but was wondering if I am the only one with this pain? One of the many joys of being pregnant.

Have a great day.

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