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Mucus plug

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4/22/06 12:03 A

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With my 1st DD and my 2nd DD I didn't lose mine until my water broke. Now with Ella it took a couple of days for me to lose it. It was a lot of mucus and I think I was only 2cms dilated. That was a wed. and I went into labor on Sun. But it can take weeks or days till you go into labor. It is just your bodys way of letting you know that something is working and getting ready to have this little one. Good luck!

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4/19/06 3:25 P

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Well I'm 36/37 weeks and I just been told i'm 1cm dilated and Today in the morning i woke up go potty and saw thisw nasty mucus that it was white yellowich so I really do not know if i dilated more or what.But the mucus was thick ??? I really do not know......

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9/13/05 10:55 A

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I never saw any of that. I was dialated to 3-4cm for a week before DS was born.

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9/13/05 9:49 A

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Somepeople dont lose their mucus plug until after the water breaks etc. Also, I found out if you do lose it while going to the bathroom at night and u just don't see it, it can rejuvinate and plug back up. Then you can lose it again. Crazy huh! I saw the 2nd one I lost a couple weeks ago and it was just a bunch of nasty brownish guck on my panty liner. I freaked out b/c I didnt know what was going on. It was a spot about the size of two silver dollars.

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9/12/05 10:40 A

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I don't remember ever seeing my mucus plug with DS. I dialated for several weeks before he was born. I was "fingertip" dialated with DD at my 36 or 37 week DA and don't reecall ever seeing it. If I don't see it and end up being dialated when they check me in a few weeks, I'll just assume that I am one of those few people who do not see it.

Clayton Daniel is here!
born Nov.2 @5:08 pm
7lbs, 2oz 21 3/4 inches
DS 1/17 1996 DD 2/09/00

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9/11/05 7:49 P

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With the mucous plug, will we know for sure when/if we lose it? I guess what I mean is, how much different is it from normal pregnancy discharge? Is there always blood in it? Also, my doctor said to call if I ever see blood, so does everyone call even when they know its just the mucous plug?

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9/11/05 3:46 P

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I'm not due until 11/23 & I think I lost my mucus plug Thirsday. Does that make sense?

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9/7/05 7:31 P

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unfortunately yes, it does mean that you may or may not be close! Sometimes losing your plug can mean your close, but with my first i lost it about 3 weeks before i went into labor. the same with being dialated. good luck!

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9/7/05 11:23 A

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I just have to agree with all the other ladies... it's a sign that your cervix is thinning, but not much more than that. Good luck!

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9/7/05 9:20 A

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I hope I go through it all quickly like my mom did.

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9/5/05 2:12 P

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The mucus plug is a sign that your body is getting ready for labor; but unfortunately there is not an accurate timetable for when it will start. It could be hours, days or weeks away. I've stayed at 4cm with 2 of my children for 3-4 weeks. It would be nice if mother nature gave us a more accurate time frame!


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9/5/05 1:51 P

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I think it can be even longer than that too. Some women walk around at 3cm for weeks before delivery.



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9/5/05 1:16 P

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How long after you lose your mucus plug does it usually take for labor to start? I went to the hospital this morning after finding a bit of a bloody mess and they hooked me up to the machines, baby is fine, no contractions and my water had not broke. But they believe that it was my mucus plug?
Any ideas at what I should expect? This did not happen with my first pregnancy.

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