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Predict your baby's arrival date!

Posts: 1367
9/11/05 7:06 A

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My DD and I don't match.. but If the baby should be born like would be tomorrow!


Baby Silvia
Posts: 52
9/5/05 3:26 P

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EZYNWA2's Photo
well,if this works, i should be in labour....RIGHT NOW!!.......Hold come nothing's happening?..I dont EVEN wanna look towards October!!No way baby!!!

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My first baby, Chibulim Benedict Obuseh was born on his due date, 30th Sept 2005. He's adorable!

Posts: 1758
9/4/05 8:46 P

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It didn't work with when my dd was born. But, shows he'll come around his due date.

Posts: 5264
9/4/05 8:34 P

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September 16 at 3am, lol

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Lukas - Oct.2/05

Kaiya - Oct.19/08

Posts: 234
9/4/05 12:58 P

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Mountain girl, I'm with you. There is no moon which would mean today or the 30th! I would go for today.

Posts: 1274
9/4/05 12:40 P

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i dont know if I get it, I was born with no moon at all- so that means either baby will be in the next few days or at the very end of the month! Hmmmmmm.

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Posts: 162
9/4/05 11:51 A

one more mom was born in the full moon but now I remember he saying she was 2 weeks early with me. Interesting though...I was born on Friday the 13th (1st phase) and if this thing works my son should be due this Friday (1st phase).

Posts: 8000
9/4/05 11:48 A

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Jodi- Maybe they mixed up our moon cycles. I have yours and you have mine...

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 250
9/4/05 10:16 A

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If this is right, then Kayla will be here on/around Sept. 16...I can handle that! Only thing is, out of 3 children that my mom had, only 1 correlated with her. I was born like 18 days from her moon and Kayla's EDD is due about 11 days from my moon, so I don't know...maybe I'm doing this wrong? haha


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Posts: 409
9/4/05 9:45 A

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I'm there with you JUELZZG. I would have been 8/31 or 9/27. I haven't had my baby and they won't let us go to the end of the month, so I guess it won't work for us. My mom and I don't correlate either. I was born 3 days before the new moon and my mother was 2 days before the full moon. I think Madisyn will split the difference only because if I don't have her by Tues, I think they're gonna induce on Fri. We'll see!

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Posts: 1868
9/4/05 9:23 A

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This would have my baby being born on the 15th, which would be fine with me. When I checked my moms, I was born 3 days after hers, and if baby follows suit that would make her birthday the 18th. That is kind of ironic, because for months my mom has been saying that I would have my baby on the 18th. I guess we just have to wait and find out.

Ella Kathleen
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Posts: 413
9/4/05 9:10 A

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That would make Thursday the 8th of either September or October (a little late). I'm praying for the earlier date.

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Posts: 1378
9/4/05 7:50 A

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Ok, I had to back to it and see just how far off my kids were. They were both 10 days before my phase, so if they keep up that trend then this one should be born around the 15th!

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Posts: 442
9/4/05 7:49 A

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KRISTY80's Photo
i cecked it out
looks like the 17th or 18th.

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Posts: 1343
9/4/05 7:44 A

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I just checked it out too and I was born within 5 days of my mom's phase. If that is the case, then this baby will be coming next week! Wahoo!!! I can handle 20 days early! I'm going to check out DS's birthday to see how it went. Mind you, he was induced...

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Posts: 1378
9/4/05 7:34 A

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I checked it out againt my other kids' birhtdates, but it didn't correlate, but my husband and I were born during the same phase! For this baby it said the 26th.

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Isabella is 1
Haylie is 4
Demitri is 6
Erwyn is 12

Posts: 358
9/4/05 3:07 A

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Well according to this chart thingy Bryon wont get here til about a week AFTER my due date!! ARG

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Posts: 97
9/4/05 2:55 A

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checked this out and if it works i'll be having my baby tomorrow or the day after YEEPEE!

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Posts: 1766
9/4/05 12:36 A

OK I went back to check just to be sure that I really was doomed to be pregnant forever. I went and checked the moon from my grandma to my mom to me. Each time it changes just a little, progresses a little farther. So in all reality if we keep up tradition in our family, I'm not doomed!!! Grayci should be born on or before the 9th of September. I wonder if that will work? :)

SCVB-You can see what the moon was you just have to go to the virtual one. Let me see if I can get you the web address for it.

OK for people born before 1951 go to

you put in the century 1900's then the birth date and it will show you what the moon was on that date.

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Posts: 162
9/4/05 12:36 A

I was born exactly on the 1st quarter which means I might have my baby around Sept. 9th (due on the 15th). The website doesn't go as far back as my mother's birthdate (1931) so I couldn't check hers.

Posts: 342
9/4/05 12:23 A

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I think this fun idea, well if it's right it should be sept.5

It's a boy!
Posts: 134
9/3/05 11:55 P

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Okay, now this may be totally off the wall but I thought it would be fun to test a new theory I heard from someone at my pregnancy yoga class. Apparently you give birth in the same moon phase you were born in. There are four moon phases every 28 days; new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter and you can find out which you were born under at
Just put in the month and year you were born.

So, because I was born 2 days before the last quarter, my baby should be born within a few days either side of September 22! I have 7 brothers and sisters and checked all our birth dates against our mum's, and four of us correlate (she was born 3 days before the last quarter), and out of DH's family, three out of four kids were born in same moon phase as their mum, so its not fool proof!!! Ha ha, anyway, thought those of us who haven't delivered yet could have fun pinning down a date!

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