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Vitex -does it really work?

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7/12/09 2:48 P

Hi I am new here and was curious about the VItex as well. We are TTC #2 (#1 is 7yo) and we have been trying for about a year now. I have recently started charting and paying attention to my cycles, etc. and getting educated online. I had read that the Vitex helps, so I bought some at Akins Natural Foods. But when I got home, I read the back of the bottle where it says not to take during pg. Anyway, I am 8dpo and have convinced myself I have implantation symptoms, LOL, damn the 2ww, but just in case I am not psychotic and am actually pg can I start taking the Vitex? Should I wat until after AF and take it then? My cycles are always regular- 28 days. Any info is great! thx!

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7/3/09 3:17 A

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I agree with Cathy.....vitex works better the longer you take when you get your bfp you can take it thru the first trimestr just slowly wein yourself off...actually it helps until the placenta takes over in your 2nd tri....I got my bfp with both times using it...I am now taking it again and praying that it will work.....

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7/1/09 12:17 P

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I had very crazy cycles after my m/c. I finally started taking Vitex and on my third cycle on Vitex got my BFP. I continued taking Vitex (slowly weaned off) until the end of my first trimester. I am now TTC#3 and taking Vitex again b/c I am still breastfeeding and have read it can help w/ fertility while bf-ing too. From the research I did, I felt it could actually be dangerous to stop taking Vitex suddenly after a BFP b/c it was helping my body to produce progesterone, and had I stopped suddenly it could have caused a drop in progesterone that would trigger my body to shed the uterine lining and lose the baby.

Oh and I bought my at a chain called The Vitamin Shoppe. I can't remember the brand but it only costs like $5 a bottle. Green cap, white plastic bottle.

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6/25/09 9:08 P

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Hi. I have done yrs or research on herbs and fertiblend and fertiity aide both have vitex and red raspberry in them. Plus a few other helpful female herbs. So does the tea. You can take them together. You are not supposed to take vitex or red raspberry leaf in any form after bfp is confirmed. You can resume the red raspberry in the last wks of pg to help with ease labor. I take a fertility cocktail. Which is vitex,red raspberry leaf,b6, and false unicorn root. So far they are working really good for me. My cycles are now more is lighter and I don't have to double pad just to get through a couple hours. It was awful.The vites in itself works if you just take it long enough. At least 3 to 6 mnths. Good luck to you. baby dust to you

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6/22/09 10:01 P

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I don't think there's any harm in doing both - or at least I've never read anything that says they contradict each other. Both are good when you're TTC, but you should stop taking the Vitex as soon as you get a BFP whereas you can keep drinking the tea as long as you want. Hope that helps!!

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6/22/09 9:29 P

Do any of you know if there is harm in doing both the Vitex and raspberry leaf tea? I was out looking for Vitex and while they didn't have what I wanted, they had the tea so I picked that up.

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6/21/09 5:45 P

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LETSGO - I wanted to try Vitex to help balance my hormones and regulate my cycles, so I looked into Fertilaid and Fertility Blend. I ended up choosing Fertility Blend because I could buy it at my local GNC store. I've only been taking it for a few days, so I can't say how well it works yet but I've read posts from other women who rave about it.

I also agree with the pp and am drinking red raspberry leaf tea also. I've always liked it anyway so I was super excited to find out that it had reproductive benefits as well.

Good luck and BABY DUST!!

Lindy & Doug (DH)

Chance - Stillborn 23wks, 7/15/07
We love you and miss you baby!

Chance's brother/sister joined him in heaven, 1/23/11, due to ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

SURPRISE BFP 3/11...IT'S A GIRL!! Kendall Leigh arrived on 11.3.11, weighed 7lbs 13oz, and was 18.5" long. So i

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6/19/09 10:54 A

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I was actually about to use vitex when a women on her recommended red rasberry leaf tea. It helps with the female system and regualting hormones etc.... I dont know how well seems how I only drank it for 3 wks and got my BFP today. I started drinking it at O and wow I felt great right away.

You can find it at most health food stores make sure it says "Red Rasberry Leaf Tea" and something about the supporting the female system. Also there is pregancy tea which has the same indgrediant just less mixed with other stuff.


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