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Dye test for the uterus --- Has anyone had it???

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5/11/09 6:58 A

Congratulations! I guess the hsg is different for everyone but I am glad to hear you are all clear! My husband and I have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and have our first IUI scheduled for my July cycle. If you're intersted, I would love to hear your experiences with your IUI. Good Luck!


Posts: 13
5/10/09 8:52 P

Survived the HSG!!!
It was pretty painful when they injected the dye, but fortunatley it only last about a minute ....a looooongggg minute!

But the results are good -- No blockages! Yeah!
So I can start moving forth with planning my IUI.

So excited :)

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4/27/09 6:59 P

Hey, I had this test done in Jan of 2006. I have to say that it is painful due to your cervix contracting. I do not have a high pain tolerance. I was not one of those brave women who even thought I could go completely natural in child birth. The test involves having a cathider(sp) put in your cervix. Your cervix starts contracting because it does not want the tube in there. I think most of my pain could have been avoided had the tech/dr. been on time. I took the Tylenol suggested, but it started to wear off by the end of the procedure. I blacked out from the cramping and my husband was called in to help me get up. The cramping lasted about an hour. After going though labor with my daughter I don't think it was that painful, but I would suggest IB (motrin) or Tylenol for sure!

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4/15/09 3:44 P

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"It will only be painful if the tubes are actually blocked."

That is not true, just to clarify. Every woman has a different reaction whether the tubes are clear or not. Some experience little to no pain, others a LOT of pain.

Mine was one of the worst things I have ever experienced, not that I am trying to scare you. I took an 800 mg tab of Motrin before mine, which is something I don't normally take because it darn near knocks me out. I only use that much Motrin as a last resort when nothing is working for the severe cramps I get(I have endometriosis).

There was only a little pinch when the catheter went through the cervix, but the Motrin didn't even begin to touch the pain when the dye went through. It was like I hadn't taken any meds at all. My husband got to go in with me and he actually had to hold on to my shoulders to keep me still on the table so they could finish the test because all I wanted to do was curl into a ball and scream in pain. I had no blockages whatsoever. My procedure was done early in the morning and I cramped clear up through bed time.

But like I said, every woman has a different experience with the test. There is no need psyching yourself up because the more stressed you are, the worse it will probably be.

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4/15/09 12:41 P

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I didn't have anyone with me, although I would suggest you bring someone with you - just for support. Everyone is different, and no one can really tell if it'll be painful for you or not. Like I said earlier, take some tylenol before hand, and also make sure you take deep breaths - that will help too.

When is your test?

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Posts: 13
4/14/09 8:00 P

Thank you so much for your experience!
I wasn't worried about it until a friend of mine got pretty worked up about how 'painful' it was. She made it seem like I needed to arrange to have someone with me to 'hold my hand'.
I think I can handle a few pinches & cramping -- I will be brave :)

Posts: 9
4/14/09 7:33 P

I just had one last Wednesday. After reading about it on some of these posts I was nervous as well. For me the most uncomfortable part was the speculum, I felt a couple pinches during that part. Other than that it wasn't so bad. The cramping during the procedure was very mild, not even close to my period cramps. I took 4 Ibuprofen 1 hr prior and the whole thing was over in about 2 min. Try not to get worked up, I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think. Mine definitely wasn't. Good Luck!

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4/13/09 11:33 P

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I had mild cramping during the procedure. But after a few hours I was doubled over in pain-delayed reaction? My tubes were open so I don't know why all the pain. Good luck!

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4/13/09 8:31 A

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I had one a few months ago. It was quick but uncomfortable. I felt like I was having bad menstral cramps. My RE recommended that I take an anti-inflammatory (advil or motrin) about an hour before the test but I forgot! It took about a minute to finish the whole thing and I was fine afterwards.
Good luck!

Erin (31)

Twin boys (Nathan & Brayden) from our 1st IVF.

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4/12/09 9:29 P

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I had it prior to getting pregnant. The dye is an iodine dye, so make sure you let the doctor know if your're allergic to iodine (ex: shellfish). They'll give you meds prior to the test.

THe test is an HSG test to check your tubes. It will only be painful if the tubes are actually blocked. THe most uncomfortable part of the test was getting the speculum thru the cervix..ouch!! They normally do the test when your cervix is very closed (CD 5-10) But the entire test is only 30 seconds so don't fear. It'll be over before you realize and you'll have peace of mind knowing the results right after the test. So good luck!


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Posts: 13
4/11/09 8:48 P

Has anyone had to undergo the dye test (I forget the name of it) the doctor uses in order to see if the fallopian tubes are open and no other blockages are present?
I wasn't nervous about it before, but a friend of mine heard that they can be painful!

Just wanting to be prepared for what to expect...THANKS!

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