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2ww and drinking alcohol, thoughts?

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3/26/07 2:58 P

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I got seriously tanked 2 nights before I found out that I was pg w/dd. I wasn't ttc - as I had just had a d&c from a m/c. Both times before when I was ttc - I didn't drink - maybe one glass at a celebratory dinner but never in 2ww. This time I'm more relaxed.... I actually had drinks three nights in a row last week. But now - I'll probably wait till I find out id BFP or not. In the UK - they often prescribe a glass of wine for stress in pg ladies. They usually do for after an amniosyntesis too - prevents uterine cramping. BUT - better safe than sorry. If you're one to worry - I would stay away from it. In any event - I wouldn't overindulge - I work with kids needing extra support, this varies in level - but let me tell you - children from mothers who drink a lot are behind fro mthe moment they are born. I know we all want to give our kids the best possible starts and lives possible.

Good luck.


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3/26/07 2:13 P

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I can say that I know tons of people who were pregnant and didn't know it and were drinking the day before they found out and their children are fine. I try to not drink during my 2ww but I will say that I occassionally do. Like this Saturday night. I drank and I am right now 7 days past ovulation. Once it is the end of my 2ww and AF is just a few days away, I don't drink until I know something for sure.

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3/26/07 1:59 P

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I will not take the risk. Studies will likely never show if alcohol has a critical effect or not. There is no determined safe limit for alcohol during pregnancy. And as for the placenta, that develops much later in pregnancy, so that argument doesn't hold water.

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3/26/07 12:52 P

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It is a situation where it is primarily personal opinion. There are "studies" for both sides of this particular coin. All of my health practitioners, including fertility clinic and OB said not to worry about having a glass of wine or a beer with dinner as it isn't worth the stress, but of course as soon as it is confirmed PG has been achieved not to drink. Of course with anything it is having it in moderation. I wouldn't suggest going out and getting tanked if you know you O'd.

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3/26/07 11:23 A

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No - that is helpful! I mean, so many women get pregnant when they aren't trying, and once they know they're pregnant they stop drinking alcohol, coffee, stop smoking, etc. There shouldn't be a difference if you're TTC or not.

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3/25/07 10:57 P

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I can tell you that I drank BEFORE I knew I was PG with both of my kids and they are just fine! I however was NOT trying to get PG and had NO idea that I was!

I am not sure if I could drink knowing that I might be PG.
But I am also not going to say that I wouldn't!

Wow! I was of NO help was I! Sorry!

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3/25/07 6:28 P

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well, im going to be ttc may 1st...(af will end the day before) i leave for mexico on the 7th and should ov. between then and the 10th. we will be drinking (obviously) and return home on the 12th. after our return i will not be drinking until i find out either way.

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3/25/07 6:15 P

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What are your opinions on drinking alcohol during the 2ww? I've been googling and searching online and have come up with mixed results. I would say half of the info I found said that it's not that serious as there's no placenta, so what you take in isn't going to directly affect the growing cells. Others think that it is a bad idea during a very critical time, and could affect implantation.

What do you think?

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