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What is a normal amount of follicles on clomid??

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3/9/07 1:30 P

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Interesting information. Thank you. So it sounds like having 1 good follicle is fairly normal- but some women respond better to clomid and produce more? Right?

I think you were right- the 1.8-2.1 was probably in centimeters- I was panicking and did a search and then found a conversion calculator to see what 2cm= and it was 20. Pretty easy calculation!

Yesterday I got a surge so I either O'd last night or today- I hope my follicle grew another 1mm-2mm overnight so it was raring to go.

Thanks again!


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3/8/07 8:34 P

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Ok, this is how my doc explained it to me. During the first few days of your cycle (during AF), you might have several follicles on each ovary, or several on just one ovary. Say you have a u/s done on CD3 (like for your Clomid check), you can see like 5 on each ovary, just as an example. Now over time they all start to develop, but by the time ovulation occurs only 1 of those follicles will mature enough to release 1 mature egg, the others will be reabsorbed back into the ovary. Occasionally you might end of with 2 mature follicles (hence twins, etc). But you usually only release one egg.

Sometimes however, the follicles don't always mature 100% and release an egg in some women. So that's where Clomid comes in. When they do a Clomid check they want to see several follicles. The Clomid is supposed to help them develop further so you have a better chance of a follicle maturing completely and releasing an egg.

At least, that's how it was explained to me by more than one doctor.

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3/8/07 8:13 P

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I did 7 cycles of Clomid, but only these last two w/ IUI were monitored via u/s. One cycle gave me 2 eggs (19mm and 19.5mm) and this last cycle gave me 3 (19mm, 19.5mm, and 16mm), although only 2 were considered "viable".

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3/8/07 8:10 P

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It sounds like your follicle was 1.8 cm - 2.1 cm which i think translates to 18m and 21 mm. Those are very good numbers.

I can only speak from personal experience on the number of follicles. I have had 2 us at cd13, first time I had one good sized one and two smaller ones. The second time I had a 35mm (residual from previous cycle) and 3 small ones.

But it only takes one! And keep in mind that usually in any normal non medicated cycle a women only develops one viable egg.

Hope this helps.


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