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Opk and fertility monitor help?

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9/16/06 4:17 P

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By looking at your chart, I think you ovulated on Friday, but you still need 3 days of high temps to confirm that. Your chart has no ovulation detected yet. FF just told you a possible day, right?

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9/16/06 2:06 P

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ladies, I am bumping this up on the list cuz now I'm stressing that I may have missed ov.
I wrote in the first post what I am facing, fertility friend says now that I may have ov'd on thurs or friday!! when do you think I ov'd? Someone told me that the fertility monitor gives you a peak for a few days after you ov usually atleast one. I got a peak on tuesday and wednesday. My opk were negative though, I was using both to compare and I realize that maybe I souldn't have because they are just confusing me.

I am really upset because dh and I didn't bd on thurs or friday because of schedules. Do you think I ov'd on tuesday like fertility friend said I should have or do you think I ov's on thurs or friday. I am including my chart but I don't have that much info on it yet. This is the first real month I am charting everyday.

Please tell me what you think

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9/13/06 4:15 P

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these temps are high for me, I have a normal body temp of about 95.5 so this is elevated and normal for ov time for me.
Thanks for the help,

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9/13/06 3:46 P

Well,your chart isn't real detailed,but it looks like your temps are still low.I usually get a peak the day before and the day of O.The first peak is usually to let you know that you are going to O the next day.If you take an OPK this afternoon it should be positive(just make sure you haven't peed for a few hours to make sure it's concentrated).Even if it's not I would go by the fertility monitor.It takes a few cycles to get the hang of this.Hopefully you won't have to do it after this cycle.By the way,OPK should be done in the afternoon because it takes a few hours to get built up in your urine.Between 11am and 8pm is redommended.

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9/13/06 1:54 P

The OPK will be positive usually the day before ovulation,sometimes 2 days before.The Lh will surge 24-36 hours before ovulation,then go back down,usually over a 24 hour period.Are you sure it was positive?The test line has to be as dark or darker than the control line,sometimes it's real close and hard to tell.I have always had the OPK turn positive the same day as my first peak on the monitor.Fertility Friend will give it's ovulation date based on all the info provided.Did it give you crosshairs?Was your montitor peak today?Also O usually happens on the 2nd peak day.You can give the address to your chart to have us glance at it.If the OPK was definitely positive on Saturday that would put O on Sunday or Monday followed by temp rise.Did temp rise?If not I would go by monitor and do another OPK this afternoon.I hope I've helped.

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9/13/06 12:06 P

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Hi ladies I have a few dumb questions

This is our first month ttc and I used a fertility monitor and opk test sticks.

The opk were positive on sat night very late, sun, and mon.
My fertility monitor was giving me a low reading since friday but then today went from low to ovulating.
I had mittleschmertz pains very intense all last night and while bding and were still here early this morning but are now gone.
Question 1 Do you think I ov'd yesterday or today?
Do opk give you positive only until you ovulate and by then the hormone is gone so you get a faint line or no line on the day of ov?
Which should I go by the fertility monitor, test sticks or fertility friend?
any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and wish me lots of baby dust.....

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