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Short LH Surge - Very interesting

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6/4/06 8:50 P

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Annette- Thank you so much for this post. I had never used OPKs until this month and had the same thing happen! I'm trying to get pregnant as close as possible to ov so we have a greater chance of conceiving a boy. So, I went with the OPKs thinking I could at least know when the LH surge occurred. I test twice a day once at noon and again at 10pm. I never got a positive until last night and by this morning it was back to one line. What I'm wondering is... These tests only show the surge which is different then ovulating. If the surge is short when does the ov happen? I know from CM that I haven't ov yet. One of my friends asked me if maybe these results occur when you ov twice in one month?? Anyone have any advice / opinions?

By the way... What a waste of money! Twice and day is not cheap, plus it's a pain to do at work. And I only got to see one little pink line out of 20 tests. (boo hoo)

Annette, I won't be buying anymore either. Best of luck to you.


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6/4/06 4:00 P

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That is interesting. I think I have a long one. I have always been able to get a positive and have always used FMU (didn't know until a few months ago that that wasn't recommended). In the past I have always stopped when I got a positive, but this month I got a positive so early that I kept testing to make sure it was right. I got 3 positives in 2 days. Interesting, I guess it really doesn pay to get the 20 strip kit and play around the first few cycles you use them - everyone's time is different.


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5/29/06 12:57 P

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I didn't get a positive opk this month either, . . . I know I ovulated, but no pos. I got one last month . . . . so it is a crap shoot but I agree were it not for temping I would be very concerned.

- Leigh Anne
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5/28/06 4:10 P

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Well, I have become quite a poas alohic lately. I have been temping this cycle, first trying to conceive after miscarriage and, I had not seen a temp rise to indicate ovulation. I also had light spotting the last few days and was confused as to what was going on. Midcycle or another AF?

Well, I bought one of the 20 strip OPK test kits because I thought that might help me to figure out what was going on.

Well, last night my OPK was negative at 10:00 pm. I have been testing twice a day just so I don't miss it. This morning at 6:30 am I got a positive OPK reading. Most tests say that it probably won't show up with first morning urine. Well at 2:30 today I thought, just for fun I would do it again since the ovulation strips expire in 30 days. It was negative, very negative, no second line at all.

I was just posting this because had I not tested this morning I would have NEVER seen a positive. Of course, my temps will show in a few days and I will know that I did ovulate. I guess I have a very short LH surge and it probably started sometime last night and ended sometime before 2:30 pm today. This could be quite dicouraging for someone who is just using OPK's once a day and not temping as well. You might think you had not ovulated at all.

Anyway, I thought this was really interesting. I think that OPK's are great for most people but, I will not be wasting any more money on them personally. I guess they are not a good tool for someone with a short LH surge. Hope this might help someone else.


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