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Progesterone to jump start cycle?

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5/2/06 1:37 P

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Thank you both so much! Everything you said made perfect sense. My prescription is for 10mg pill for ten days, which (ideally) would be on days 15-25, so I suppose af would then come around day 28. They gave me 30 pills, so I guess enough for 3 cycles. I just had to take it later this cycle since we just now discovered the problem.

It makes sense that af comes after I stop the pills. That is the part that they were very unclear of. I think they just assume that since it makes sense in their head that it makes sense to the patient too!

I was thinking that the progesterone would start my cycle at some point during the pills, but now I know otherwise.


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5/2/06 12:57 P

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Hey Jennie-

Funny that you post this now! I started Progesterone yesterday for the first time to "reset" my menstration cycle and "shed the lining" of my uterus becuause my cycles have been 40-50+ days for the last few years -not counting the 4 cycles I was on Metformin. My Dr. -yours may be different- is having me take 10 mg a day for 10 days, then when I stop, AF is supposed to come within the next 5 days. Then I start Clomid on day 5 of my cycle.

So, like mentioned in the previous post, you should not start your period until you stop taking it. Were you prescribed injection or pills? How many mgs? How many pills were in the bottle/how many injections were you given?

And about the nurses, my good friend is a nurse and she tells me all the time that nurses think that they are just as good as a doctor, and they don't like to ask questions because they think they know it all. But CLEARLY they don't. Only your doc and you (sometimes!) know what is going on and what is supposed to be happening.

I asked a lot of questions before I left, and still had more once the excitement of me getting somewhere in my infertility journey wore off -see my post in the "Clomid Users-check in" thread if you want the whole story.

Let me know the answers to the questions I asked, and I will try to help you more! Good luck!

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5/2/06 9:40 A

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I think you should read this. . .

From what I gathered from my sister, it is stopping the progesterone that should induce the period, . . . If you have low levels while TTC you should take progesterone from the day of ovulation until you are certain you are not pregnant, if you are preg. you continue with the pill, if you are not you stop taking it and AF comes.

The article I read confirms that, you are taking the progesterone now to cause a certain level of hormones, then when you stop taking the progesterone the imbalance will cause your period to come.

You mentioned the nurse . . . I caution against taking what a nurse says at face value, my sister has been told things that are blatantly incorrect from nurses at the DRs office before, she was told to that when she started taking progesterone it would induce a period (which is not true as previously discussed it is stopping the progesterone that starts the period) . . . and the Dr. herself confirmed that. I was told that they couldn't test my levels of progesterone unless I was pregnant (again not the case) . . . so, . . . if something sounds fishy you are doing the right thing, do some research or try to talk with your DR directly about it. You are right to think the nurse isn't really looking into your questions, looking at your chart, or potentially not even asking the DR. about it. I know they deal with a lot and I value them, but it is hard when they filter your access to a DR. and the advice they give at times is incorrect.

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5/1/06 11:55 P

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Has anyone used progesterone to start off their cycle for having chronically long cycles?

My doc prescribed progesterone for my long cycles and I am on day five of progesterone with not even a little sign of a period! (I am on day 37 of my current cycle)

Anyone else who has used this - how many days did it take on progesterone for af to show?

Did you take it for a set amount of days or just stop taking it when af came?

I try asking my doc all these questions over the phone but I am beginning to think the nurse I have been talking to is not even looking at my chart to see what is going on with me!

On day 21, I got blood work done to check my hormones. When I called on day 30 to get the results, she just told me to get a pregnancy test for being late! I tried telling her that I was in for long periods and possible low progesterone. She didn't even realize that I had already been blood tested for everything else. Obviously she had not even looked at my chart or she would have know that pregnancy would be practically impossible at this point.

Sorry so long, I had to vent! I would love any input!



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