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Journey into my 6th pregnancy

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1/20/10 11:30 A

I'm on baby number 6. It's been very testy, with my emotions going haywire and morning sickness all day and night...It's really getting to me. I don't even feel pregnant and feel like the worst mom ever! I guess it's just that I don't feel pregnant. I have an ultra sound tomorrow, thank goodness! Finally something to show me yes your pregnant! :) With baby number 6 I really don't know how to tell my family. Baby number 5 wasn't planned and they knew that. So I guess I just feel like there looking at me like "Don't you know that birth control is? Or don't you think you should get your tubes tied?" This baby was planned. I hope it's just my emotions making me feel so confused! Thanks for listing to me vent :)

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10/21/08 1:55 P

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I am trying to be positive about this, and rember that if it wasn't the right thing, then it wouldn't have happened. Gotta trust that God has a plan. Just wish I didn't have to work FT also, that's challenging with raising so many kids....

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Expecting again!
EDD: June 12, 2009

Have 5 other children:
Heather, 4/24/95
Elise, 8/25/00
Matthew, 8/1/02
Kaitlyn, 1/20/04
Allison, 2/2/08

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10/18/08 4:19 P

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Oh wow... your sixth baby! Congratulations to all!!! I am expecting my 8th baby... scared though as I miscarried in July 2008.

I have had some very light spotting, but I am praying for this child! I just don't think I could handle another miscarriage!

I completely understand about the wanting "another baby" too! Just this week, before I found out, my mother made the comment, "I hope your not pregnant again!"...LOL! She and I don't see eye to eye on having so many children!

I hope your pregnancy goes well! I loved my sixth pregnancy & was a breeze!
I had her at home.

Blessings to all!

Mommy to 7,
expecting #8,
with 4 babies waiting
at Heaven's gate!

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10/8/08 5:30 P

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Looks like I am expecting a 6th baby too. Wanted to hear how others deal with that unavoidable question about having "another"?

Expecting again!
EDD: June 12, 2009

Have 5 other children:
Heather, 4/24/95
Elise, 8/25/00
Matthew, 8/1/02
Kaitlyn, 1/20/04
Allison, 2/2/08

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9/16/07 6:57 A

Hi Everyone

I have just discovered I am expecting our 6th child. I am so excited. I am 43 and we weren't actively trying. We had the attitude, "Wouldn't it be nice..." but I honestly thought after 2 years of nothing happening that because of my age and the fact that I had to have radioactive iodine for my overactive thyroid, the chances were very, very low. I am delighted, my husband is shocked and stunned but says he's pleased. Our children are Romilly, 20, Ed, 18, Ella, nearly 16, Angus, 8 and Andrew, 6. Love to everyone else expecting on here too (or trying).xx

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7/6/06 10:12 A

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How are you feeling? Just checking in on you


7/14/08...It's another boy!!

Surprise...BFP...3/20/08...EDD 11/30/08.

Ethan Scott has arrived. Born 10/5/07...9 lbs. 6 oz. 20 in.
1 week early :)

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7/5/06 11:11 A

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Well I say who cares what people say It's God's say that matters. Allow your blessings to continue to flow, children are a blessing and I thank God for parents like you who take care of your children instead of aborting or giving them away. God Bless

BabyFit Community Team

Loving mommy of 4
Zakiyyah Tonyae` 6/7/99
TiVon Amande` 3/7/05
Mi'An (MyAngel) 11/29/06

Blessed and Highly Favored!
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7/3/06 10:21 A

Hi I am having baby #6. I am so excited! Although others seem to question "when are you going to stop?" I just think that is so insensitive! children are a blessing from God! I come from a family of 8 children, and loved growing up like that! Who knows, maybe I will have more. Right now I have
Joshua Aaron 18, Steven Raymond 14, Amanda Michelle 11, Rebecca Lynn 10, Nathaniel David 11 mos, and am expecting in Feb. o7'.

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6/9/05 12:43 P

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6/9/05 9:49 A

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I found out this week that I am expecting my 6th baby. I was very delighted to hear the news as I was hoping and praying for another baby since my youngest was about a year old. She is now approaching 3.
I really miss the infant/newborn part of being a Mommy. I enjoy the cuddling,feeding,the warmness of a newborns head next to me cheek.Sigh! I am so looking forward to all of those feelings once again.
I have to admit that I am a little scared this time partly because of my age (I'm 40) and I had a m/c in 1998, which was the most traumatic experience of my life. It took so much out of me and I still grieve for my little angel baby!! I don't know if I could function if I had to go through such a loss again!
But I want to be positive and I pray each day that this pregnancy and baby will be healthy,happy and successful.
I am not the best at eating healthy and I am making a very honest effort at changing my eating for the sake of the baby. I am also overweight so I don't want to gain too much weight. I only gained 12 lbs. with my last pregnancy and she weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz. at birth!!
I am exercsing and will continue to do so as long as the Dr. says it's o.k. I am very determined to do my best to ensure that this baby and myself have a happy,healthy journey!!
I haven't told anybody yet that I'm pregnanat, excpet dh!! I always prefer to wait until I hear the heartbeat or have the 1st u/s. That way I feel safe that all is o.k.
I know my other 5 kids will be thrilled to hear the news!

I am the Mom of 6 wonderful children: Ages 20,15,14,12,6 and now a 2 year old toddler!

Emma Beth was born Feb. 9,2007!!
Our 4th daughter and 6th child.
We now have 4 girls and 2 boys!!
And would love to have another someday!!
Currently TTC lucky #7 (:

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