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Sleep schedule for 3 week old baby

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7/28/11 7:30 P

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I'm not sure if you have come up with anything yet but, I highly recommend the book The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg. This book saved my life & I had my son on a sleep schedule at 1 month. A six hour stretch is going to feel heaven sent once it happens for you. The length of time the baby sleeps at night will change as they get older but initially a schedule will set the tone for your baby. You just have to remain consistent. Consistency is the key. Again...highly recommend The Baby Whisperer. Hope this helps.

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6/20/11 7:08 P

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I never had any luck getting my kids on a schedule either. I just worked with them and determined what they needed then kept that in mind. I think 3 weeks is a little young for a baby to be on a schedule but every baby is different so you might be able to do it. Just be consistent with what you do. It is hard for me to keep a schedule because we are constantly going since I'm a stay at home mom. I also own my own business so sometimes things are too busy to have my kids on a schedule. Keep in mind that your needs and your baby's needs will change all the time but good luck.

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6/20/11 2:05 P

A routine is more of what I am going for, for now. She seems to be doing really well with bath, lotion, nursing and bed. For the first five nights she only woke up once and then was up for the day at 6:30. Last night, she got up twice...but didn't get up for the day until 8. As far as her naps, I just let her take then whenever, as long as it isn't too late in the evening. I made that mistake once and she didn't go to bed until 3am!

I just need to get a routine down for everything else. Trying to juggle newborn, house, husband, and older kiddos...I find myself getting overwhelmed.

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6/20/11 12:02 A

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I've never had any luck getting my kids on a schedule,they put me on one lol. Both of mine pretty much fell into their own schedule/routine without me having to push too hard. The only thing that was difficult is both had their days and nights flipped from the start. That took a long time to correct and they are both still night owls. No matter how hard I try my daughter sleeps better the later she goes to bed. I had her going to bed at 8pm but she was up every 2-3 hours all night. If I get her in bed at 10pm she only wakes 1-2x and gets the same total number of hours of sleep. We have a very busy schedule so often aren't home at the same time every day to keep a schedule going, especially a newborn schedule since they nap so often.

So that totally didn't help any. I think 3wks is a little young to push a schedule however getting a routine in place isn't a bad idea. Their needs change so quickly those first few months, as soon as you get one schedule down they will need it adjusted.

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6/15/11 9:05 P

I have 4 kids & believe schedules are GREAT! What are you trying to get on a schedule eating or sleeping? both?

Not every day we have days that we just fly by the seat of our pants but my kids need a schedule. 3 weeks is a little young. But I think you can start at any time. Just do one scheduling items at once. My 4th is now almost 3 months & we have him on an evening schedule. He goes to sleep between 9-10pm & sleeps till 7-9am. Day time naps we haven't managed yet. GOOD LUCK.

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6/15/11 4:00 P

Is it possible to get a 3 week old baby on a sleep schedule...or is that too young? I never pushed for my other kiddos to be put on sleep schedule, but with this one I would like to. Any suggestions?

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