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baby girl with swollen red vulva and clitoris

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10/28/09 12:17 P

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Have them see her asap.
Sounds like yeast infection. My son just got over one. It was very painful like you describe for me to even wipe him. Red and swollen. Sometimes looked water logged. They prescribed a cream and it felt better to him in no time. Don't wait it could get worse like itchy and the bad oder w discharge.

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10/22/09 10:13 P

i would talk to the nurse at the docs office to see if there is anything topical you can use until you get in there. they may squeeze you in if they know the nature of the problem.
could be bacterial vaginosis which hurts more than it itches. personally i wouldn't want to wait for 2 weeks for relief if i had it so i wouldn't want my child to either. good luck!

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10/21/09 2:16 P

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sounds like a yeast infection/ph imbalance to me. young girls can get them. my very good friend's dd had one and she used monistat cream on her, call your doctor and see if you can get advice over the phone. also, not sure if you wnat to try this-but i have heard it works- try to dab a little white vinegar on her to relieve the burning. I will curious as to what your doctor says.

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10/20/09 6:32 P

That is over two weeks away, so yes, that is too long to wait. Have her checked out ASAP.

It could be nothing, but wouldn't you just kick yourself if it's something that you could have caught earlier and saved her weeks of pain? Go to the doctor.

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