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Red cheeks on 4 month old?

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2/16/07 10:23 A

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my ds gets red cheeks, he's teething! i know when were in for a bad night as his cheeks get redder and redder.. i normally use a slightly wet flannel to cool his face when i put him to bed & give him things to chew on & calgel on his gums. have you felt inside his mouth? you'll prob feel a few bumps at the front?

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2/14/07 5:33 P

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try the Johnson's soothing naturals moisturizer stick. It is expensive (like $3.50 for a small stick)but awesome.i had a coupon, so i tried it and i am has natural stuff in it like olive oil. it goes on really easily, smells yummy, and can even be used on the lips in a pinch.

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2/14/07 3:57 P

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My daughter has this, too. It gets worse when she's cutting a tooth or getting a cold. Sometimes they even crack and bleed.

I've always used Aquaphor but recently stopped because it has mineral oil and our chiropractor said that is bad for babies. Now I'm using Cetaphil cream or Udder Cream, and they both work pretty well. We have to put it on a few times a day to keep the red, broken cheeks away.

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2/14/07 9:10 A

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Is she very active? Mine would sometimes get red cheeks at that age from his face rubbing against the carpet as he tried to turn over and such.

I've never tried aquifor, but I've had many people recommend it, so that's definitely worth a try.

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2/11/07 2:31 P

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Thank you!

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2/11/07 2:30 P

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They look chapped to me. Try keeping lotion/vaseline on them. In cold weather it is not uncommon for cheeks and hands to become chapped. If they don't improve and look better then contact the Dr's office for suggestions. If there is a fever associated then you will want to contact the office as well.


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2/11/07 12:09 P

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My 4 month old daughter sometimes gets really red cheeks. I'm a SAHM so she's not in daycare and isn't around alot of other babies. The ones that she has been around don't have red cheeks either... Anyone know what this could be? I am really puzzled and don't want to make a trip to the doctor if I don't have to. (We have no car, and would have to walk and it's seriously cold out there!) Help??

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