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When did you "feel" pregnant...

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12/27/06 9:44 A

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I've never had regular periods, so I can be up to 2 weeks late and not worry. This would happen a lot, and I never thought twice about it. The only times I wondered if I was pregnant was when I really was pregnant, so something in me just "knew". I always found out via a home pregnancy test 1-2 weeks after missing my period.

There is another strange symptom that I had right away- I would gag or throw up while brushing my teeth. My girlfriend just found out she's pregnant and said she had no reason to believe she was preggo except for throwing up while brushing her teeth! I thought I was the only one!

Good Luck trying to conceive, I wish you the best! Please let us know when you do :)

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12/27/06 1:44 A

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Both times I kind of just "knew" that I was preggo, although I really can't pinpoint a specific feeling. The first time I got preggo, my boobs swelled up and got really really sore - I went from an A-cup to a C-cup in just days! So that was a huge indication - literally! :)

I hope that things work out for you in TTC. GOod luck!

- hugs from Jeanette!
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12/27/06 12:48 A

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I thought I was pregnant only because my period was late and my breasts WEREN'T sore. They normally got very tender about a week before AF but that time they weren't. Odd I know. Then as soon as I got my + I felt symptoms right away, probably a psychological thing though.

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12/26/06 12:20 P

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With my first pregnancy, I noticed period symptoms and thought nothing of it until my breasts wouldn't fit into my bra. Then the period didn't come, and I took the test (oops, positive). I was shocked and very aware of having a baby at every moment of every day after that.

My second was very different because I was trying to get pregnant. I took the test the day before my period was supposed to start, and it was positive. The pregnancy didn't hang over my head like the first did. There were times that I wasn't even thinking about baby because I was at work or doing other things. That was a change. I felt pregnant because I was huge, but it wasn't on my mink all the time.

Good luck TTC.

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12/13/06 10:26 P

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For me I felt pregnant a couple days after I had missed my period. I've never had a cycle that's very regular so being late wasn't anything new, but for some reason I just felt different. It was a weird feeling that's hard to explain. So when I tested it just confirmed what I already knew. As far as symptoms all the things I experienced were also symptoms of my period coming, like tender breasats and cramps. Then it became all too real as soon as the morning sickness came along with a total loss of energy. That started about a week after I tested.

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12/13/06 9:52 A

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with my dd, i really never felt pregnant until much later! in the 2nd and 3rd month i was really tired in the afternoon, needed a nap! and aside from that nothing changed until i started having a belly really,then its kind of hard not to feel pregnant.

this time around i have felt a little nausious (sorry spelling?) in the AM and when my stomache is empty, tired early evening, and headaches right away, probably at 4 weeks

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12/13/06 8:18 A

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It took a while for me to feel pregnant. The first few weeks I just felt as if my period was getting ready to start but hasn't. I didn't have any symptoms other than the tender breasts (which a symptom of your period starting too). So, it was a little unreal for me. But, the first time I saw him in the ultrasound (which was at 8 weeks) was when it really hit me because I could actually see that it was real.

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12/13/06 6:46 A

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I felt pregnant a week before my missed period. Somehow i just knew, i didn't feel anything physical just yet, but i just felt different, and everything just seem "different". Of course when the morning sickness kicked in, that was pretty much all i felt..

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