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Pregnant again after just 3 weeks of giving birth?

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9/6/06 10:07 P


If you are breastfeeding EXCLUSIVELY (no water or anything else) and on demand (every 2 hours or more) you cannot become pregnant until you begin to get your period (usually around 7 months postpartum).

Withdrawal, as noted, is a pretty unreliable method of birthcontrol. Try to find something else in the meantime. Getting pregnant too quickly (i.e. before 18 months) after the birth of child can lead to higher levels of low birth weight and other unpleasant consequences for the baby.

Ok enough preaching...

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9/4/06 12:12 A

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The 'withdrawal method' is how we ended up with DD. Be careful!

3/16/06 1.35pm
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9/3/06 5:55 P

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It is possible, a friend of mine found out that she was pregnant when she went for her 6 week check up, and she was already 4 weeks along. Congrats on the baby, and hope evrything works out for you.

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9/3/06 5:15 P

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Isn't the "more" fertile thing because your cervix is still healing up/closing??

I got pregnant at 3 weeks postpartum. I was not breastfeeding. I ended up having a tubal pregnancy. It's very hard on your body to have pregnancies close together. Nature usually spaces 18 months-2 years apart.

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9/1/06 10:43 A

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Thank you ladies for the replies. I spoke to my doctor and will be coming in for a check up today. I've learned my lesson from this scare!

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9/1/06 8:05 A

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I don't want to sound preachy here but:
1) the withdrawal method is NOT a reliable method of preventing pregnancy so if you don't want another child for 4 years, a condom or some other form of birth control will be necessary.
2) Breast feeding is NOT a form of birth control and many breast feeding mothers have become pregnant.
3) It is "possible" to become pregnant 3 weeks after delivery but the odds are smaller. It still can happen since your ovulate before your receive your flow.


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9/1/06 4:32 A

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Yes, it is possible. However, if you are breastfeeding, that will act as a birth control.

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9/1/06 4:07 A

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Three weeks is too hard to tell, right now. It's unlikely you could be pregnant, but it's not unheard of.

Oh and I will get preachy now...Sorry in advance. It's like a huge wound up there, right now. Unprotected sex could give you the worst infection. Don't take that risk!

Get your hubby to wear a condom. Not many people are disciplined enough to withdraw before climax (I know, we've tried it), and some semen can leak before ejaculation. It is NOT a reliable form of contraception.

Look after yourself.

And congrats on Madison. He's gorgeous!

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9/1/06 12:42 A

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I know we're not supposed to have sex until after about 6 weeks of giving birth. But...we couldn't wait. He was supposed to do the "withdrawal method" but that didn't happen fast enough...if you know what I mean. So is it possible to get pregnant again after just giving birth 3 weeks ago? As much as we love the idea of having another baby, which we weren't planning on for another 4 years, I'm really scared. Advice would be really helpful if anybody has any. And if anybody has had this situation happen to them, please PLEASE feel free to share.

It's a boy! Our little snuggle bug was born August 8, 2006. He was 6lbs 8oz and now growing like crazy!

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