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Anyone have a fidgety baby?

Posts: 2761
8/5/06 8:49 P

Oh yeah, I have a freakishly strong, extra-active baby. She won't cuddle anymore, she wants to climb up me every time I hold her (unless she is asleep or almost asleep). I have a picture of her at 3 weeks on her tummy, propped up on her elbows, head at 90 degrees. She is always trying to get somewhere and look at something.

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8/5/06 1:56 P

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Kassidy has always been fidgity too, even in her sleep. She swings her arms and legs around all time, she never lays still. She often wakes herself up because of the movement. We aren't even close to sleeping though the night yet. Even when she is nursing she is grabbing onto my shirt or moving her legs or arms. She started rolling over at 2 months and looks like she is trying to crawl at 3.5 months- I bet she will be scooting along at six months like jellybeans baby.

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8/4/06 5:49 P

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My baby was fidgity I said earlier and she never stopped moving. Now she is 20 months and still goes non stop. She also started crawling early at 6 months and walking at 9 months so watch out all you moms with fidgity babies.

Posts: 1105
8/4/06 8:23 A

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Emma is the same way. And especially recently (she will be 3 months tomorrow!) she is to animated. I laugh and say that she is "freaking out!" Its hilarious. She just loves to move and be able to use those legs to push against things. I love watching her more and more each day.

Posts: 9168
8/4/06 1:17 A

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I just wanted to add that my baby has always been fidgety. He was really active in the womb, and once he came out, he didn't stop. Before he could control his arms and legs, he was constantly flailing. He was also really sensitive to noise and would flip out at any loud sounds. At one point we were worried that there was something wrong with him.

I swaddled him until he was 5 months old to get him to sleep better. Then he grew out of the swaddling and we had to stop co-sleeping because he would kick me and smack me in his sleep. He started crawling at 6 months and is trying to walk now at 9 months. He's just super active and full of energy! He's still a restless, light sleeper so watch out for that one...exhausting!

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Posts: 4009
8/4/06 12:48 A

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No I don't have a fidgety baby but my baby has a fidgety mommy! lol I guess he took after his calm and collected father in that area, thank goodness! lol


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Posts: 1069
8/4/06 12:45 A

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DD is never still even in her sleep. Her fingers or toes or something are always moving. Now that she is older (6 months) and stronger she is a handful to try to hold. Also, she is very nosey and notices everything so she is constantly trying to wiggle out of my arms to get to something. I am always so wore out at the end of the day because of this.

Posts: 66
7/31/06 10:56 P

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My first baby was a move and a shaker so mch so that it would constantly wake her up. You can buy little baby sleeping bag type things that keep their arms and legs nice and close to their bodies once they figure out how to unswaddle themselves. This was a saving grace for us!

Posts: 1232
7/31/06 11:19 A

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Trevor's a pretty on the move baby--I'm not sure when he started to seem less figity, but now at least he's beginning to have more noticable control over his limbs (he's 11 weeks)so he seems a little less crazy and seems to be concentrating more on movements. He adapted well to the play mat stuff because he liked to move around so much anyways. We can tell he was overstimulated when he gets twitchy/jittery.

Posts: 2186
7/30/06 7:40 P

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DRAGAN3's Photo
Is she getting enough sleep? Sometimes if younger babys are figity like that it is an indication that they are overtired or overstimulated. Just something to consider.

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Posts: 118
7/30/06 4:54 P

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It seems like my LO is in constant motion (she's 8 weeks today). Her arms, legs, hands, feet, and head are always moving one way or the other.

My first child was never moving this much! I also think this is why she wakes up so easy?

Are some babies just like this? Is it their immature nervous system/reflexes?

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