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9 month old with a fever....advice?

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7/16/06 9:19 A

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Last summer, right about this time, as a matter of fact, Lorin ran a fever of 104. Then it went up to over 105. It was so scary that even though we let our kids run temps we ended up taking her to the emergency room. They did all kinds of tests including a spinal tap and couldn't find anything. Imagine my relief when she finally broke out in a rash 3 days later.

DS had the same thing around the same age. Only his fever went up to about 103.

The rash didn't seem to bother them though.

Glad to see you finally know what it is and nothing serious.

Take care!


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7/15/06 4:47 P

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I'm sorry your son was sick all week. I know hard that is on him and Mom. It sounds like you are torwards the end of it. We hope he feels better soon.

You are a great Mom.


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7/15/06 9:11 A

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Sorry, I've been busy with a sick baby...imagine that. Anyway, the fever lasted 5 days (we did end up at the doctor's office on day 2) and hovered around 102-104 and finally broke on Friday then he had diarreah and now today he broke out in the rash we've all been waiting for. Final diagnosis - Roseola. Cure - wait for it to go away! Hurry up and wait seems to be the doctor's order for most childhood illnesses these days. Mason is doing just fine, though he looks funny with his little red spots. Thanks for all your advice ladies, we did end up letting the fever run its course as much as possible using Motrin only to keep him comfy when necessary.

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7/14/06 8:38 P

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How is the little guy feeling? Better, I hope. Did you ever figure out what was causing the fever?

Very proud mommy to Devin Nicholas, born 5/24/00 and our Babyfit baby Lorin Elizabeth, born on my birthday, 6/15/04. We are so lucky to have two beautiful, healthy children!!!
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7/11/06 7:35 P

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same thing just happened with my daughter, except it was roseola as the outcome...

i would call the pedi to be sure, they may tell you that the fever is doing its job at fighting the illness and just to watch him OR they could ask that you go in for blood work or just to be checked out.

good luck, hon. hope he is feeling better soon.

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7/11/06 10:49 A

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Is your baby in daycare? My 8 month old just had the same fever and it was the coxsachy (sp) virus, aka Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and now other kids are showing signs of it as well at her babysitter's. Does your baby have any kind of rash? The fever was a sudden onset, lasted a day and then she had a rash on her body for about a week. No medicine for it-just have to ride it out, but better to check with the doctor.

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7/11/06 8:48 A

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Have you given him Advil or Tylenol? Has he been around anyone with chicken pox? Is he pulling on his ears, having 6 to 8 wet diapers in a 24 hour period? If it doesn't stop by noon, I would call the dr. Better to be safe, I say! Good luck and I hope your little fella gets to feeling lots better!

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7/11/06 8:29 A

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You should at least call the DR. I would. With the little ones it's hard to know if it's serious or going to pass on it's own.

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