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3 week old...fighting sleep!

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2/7/06 10:27 P

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I would try dealing with all of the issues that Tanya has brought up. If nothing of that nature helps then you may want to concider talking to your doctor about colic. Many babies are born with colic. I know that my daughter had it.

You say she is fussy. Is she crying or just not content?

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2/7/06 12:43 P

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i was dealing with the same thing, except bryson was napping really well during the day and then wanted to be awake around 1am.

now we attempt to bf him more often during the day (so that his cluster feedings happen when i'm wide awake) and we try to keep him from falling asleep immediately after feedings between 7pm and 9pm. (about 10-15 minutes after eating)

now his last feeding before dh and i go to sleep is around 11pm, he eats again at 2am and then he's up between 4 and 6 . . .and he falls asleep immediately after each feeding.

he has his days when this doesn't work and i'm still up all night, but we have more successful nights than not.

good luck. i know how stressful it can be.

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2/7/06 10:53 A

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I know exactly what you are going through. My oldest was like that. She would never stay asleep unless I would hold her. I tried alot of different things (except a pacifier, DH is against them) and nothing worked. She would power nap for 10 minutes and then be up for hours. Once when she was 7 weeks old she slept through the night but I did not because I kept checking to make sure she was still breathing. We struggled with this until she was over a year. Even the daycare provider could not get her to take very long naps. I read an article by Dr. Sears saying that his 5th or 6th child was difficult like this and that she justed needed to be held to be comforted. I know I don't have any suggestions but you are not alone and you will get through it.

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2/5/06 4:55 P

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There are many reasons why babies wake, fuss and cry besides hunger.

Being chilly is one of the first things you may want to consider. A babies whose hands and feet feel cool but his tummy and chest still feel warm, will fuss and cry until they are held and helped to warm. Nursing provides that warmth so they drift back off to sleep. You may want to try a blanket type sleeper, swaddle baby tightly or use a electric space heater near them if you suspect they are chilled at night.

Gas pain could be another reason for fussiness. If you pick up the baby and they immediately pass gas or burp, that was most likely the problem so when you lay them back down they should drift back off. Laying on their back may be causing discomfort so try turning them on their side and propping against a rolled up towel or blanket to see if that provides some relief. Be sure to speak with your physician about long term sleeping in this position.

Over stimulation can be another reason babies wake and cry besides hunger. Loud sudden noises like dogs barking, car horns or a train that you are used to hearing may be disturbing to a new little one. Bright lights, a draft or other things that effect the senses can require some changes to prevent sense overload.

Some babies also require more physical contact and interaction than others. A baby carrier can be a blessing for these babies. As you talk, move and go about your day, they find contentment and mental stimulation being close and engaged.

Needing to suck but not being hungry is another thing to consider. Sucking will not stop a hungry baby from crying unless it bring food, but it will almost always soothe a baby who is not hungry. Sucking is a normal reflex and the rhythm is provides soothes and comforts when other things cause stress like a loud noise, bright light ect. Remember that pacifiers have pros and cons but as long as you baby is eating well and gaining weight a pacifier is a good way to go for babies that need to suck instead of letting them use their fingers. The main reason is because a pacifier can be taken away at the age of 2 a lot easier than breaking a thumb or finger sucking habit.

Hope this helps you identify other potential issues that are making him fussy.


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2/5/06 9:09 A

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yes,my 2wkld will cry and cry until i put a breast in her mouth,thats the only way i can get her to fall asleep-even tho shes not hungry she just wants to suck-im not a fan of the pacifier,so i dont know what to do-sorry i was no help but just know your not alone

peace and blessings
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2/5/06 1:09 A

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I need advice. My three-week old has been fighting her sleep for the past few days. She does okay from about 8:00p-1:00a...then she is up!

She has not been taking good naps and is very fussy. She wants to be held all of the time. She has a little gas, but nothing that I can see that would make her "too uncomfortable."

ANyone else go through this? What did you do?

Peace and Blessings,

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