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stomach pain during first trimester

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7/17/05 6:00 A

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i also had bad stomache pains im still getting them im now 15 wks i put it down to the muscles stretching to alow room for my baby to grow that and being an older mum i dont remember feeling like this in my previous pregnancys so i think i must feel pain more or notice it more now im older i get worried easilier too knowing far more can go wrong being an older mum

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7/16/05 11:16 A

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i had extreme cramping from about 5-9 weeks and found out it was because of a cyst that I had. It is completely normal for women to get these cysts in the first trimester and it will eventually go away. I remember being on vaca in Mexico and I could hardly walk b/c of the pain - in my left lower abdomen especially.....but luckily the doc assured me it would pass....and it did. Good luck to you all and hang in there - our bodies go through so much change during pregnancy and unfortunately, a lot of the pain is normal - even though it can be scary!

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7/16/05 8:08 A

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I din't know i was pg until 12 weeks and i kept thinking my period was coming b/c i kept getting cramps during those 12 weeks. SO i think what you may be feeling may be normal. I didn't get bad cramps with my periods, so these were mild too. I don't even know if that is related in any way, but it has been my experience.

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7/15/05 8:14 P

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The reason why the doctor isn't seeing you before 8 weeks is because that is normally the earliest the baby will show up on the screen, or his/her heartbeat on the doppler. Some cramping is normal, as it is your uterus expanding, but worst case scenario, it might not be good. Please don't take that the wrong way. I experienced a miscarriage right before we got pregnant again, so I know it's terrifying not having any answers. Unfortunately we can't always get the answers right away, but just know that you have plenty of people here who have gone through, or have experienced the fear and frustration you're feeling. Feel free to write me at my email address ( if you need to talk. I'll be praying that everything is okay and is going well! Good luck and keep us posted!

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5/18/05 1:24 A


I too am experiencing similar pains in my stomach, I am in the beginning of the 6th week. The Dr. adv this might be due to the expanding uterus. But as you hv mentioned it is occationally. Also being my first pregnancy.

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5/16/05 4:08 P

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If you Doctor said no reason to worry I'd trust there opinion. It sounds like everything is fine.


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5/16/05 11:30 A

Good Morning....

If I am told by doctor that nothing is wrong...but I still experience some sharp pains in my stomach, should I be worried or is this normal? I am 7 weeks. No spotting or bleeding. Just pains in and out occasionally. This is my first pregnancy.

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