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Pregnant and Active Duty Military Moms

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1/12/06 5:22 P

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I would think carefully if you really want to get out or not, because once you get out with a medical discharge you can't get back in. I'm a personnelist and see these types of cases alot. While you can't enlist as a single parent you can be a single parent and be in the military. Since you found out you were pregnant after basic you were already in and they can't force you out because of the pregnancy, it would have been different if you were still in training. However, you will have to make a family care plan outlining who will care for your child if you are deployed, etc. Keep in mind due that if you always do have the option to separate if you are preganant. Good luck. Hope everything works out.

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1/9/06 4:13 P

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Hi there, I'm in the Navy and i have a 3yo and one one the way anyday now! I was a single parent for a while and yes it is scary but your command will try to be helpful in most cases and they have something in all branches of service for dual military and single parents called a family care plan. You can get a copy of it from your S-1 or legal office. I'm a dual military couple right now with my husband being a diffrent branch of service there is a high chance of us both being deployed at the same time. As long as your family is supportive or you have a good friend that wouldn't mind helping you out you will be fine. My email is in my profile if you need to talk or ask any questions, I'll try to help.

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1/9/06 3:14 P

Hi I am new to Babyfit as well. I am active duty Navy. I am 14weeks pregnant and I have a 10month old.

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1/9/06 11:17 A

I am in the army, however I have only gone to basic training because between graduating and processing in TX i found out I was pregnant. They sent me home and about a week later I got a phone call saying I had to make a decision if I wanted to stay or receive a medical discharge, because I am considered a sinlge parent b.c my ficnae is in the army too.

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8/25/05 8:23 A

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I am also active duty. I am at a point right now where I have to make a decision to re-enlist next Aug for three yrs or get out. My husband says that he supports whatever I do. He just got out of the Marine Corps last yr so he knows what it's like. I have been in 5 yrs already and I don't know what to do. I was deployed a few yrs ago but not since then. I am afraid of being sent to a unit that deploys if I do re-enlist. However, they are offering me a bonus to stay and we could use the money right now. So, I am at a crossroad. I am suppose to re-up on Sept 7th so I don't have much time to decide. I know how you feel. It is an uncertainty and it's scary. All we can do is hope for the best. I am always here if you want to chat. I have an email if you would like to chat directly. Let me know and good luck.

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8/24/05 8:26 P

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Congrats and welcome to babyfit.
This is a great place to be for mommies to be and support. Babyfit and it's members have great info to share so browse the site and please do not hesitate to ask...anything. Take care and good luck!

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8/19/05 10:44 A

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there is a thread in the shared experience forum that i'm sure would help you! Congrats and good luck!

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8/18/05 8:32 P

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I am 23, single, pregnant, and serving in the USAF. Its hard being active duty and pregnant. I worry about being deployed and having to leave a new baby behind. I'm just curious about other pregnant woman in the active military and how everyone deals with it.

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