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No symptoms, should I worry?

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11/6/06 11:57 P

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Welcome and congratulations. I had no symptoms at all with my first pregnancy and everything was just fine. Good luck and enjoy your symptom free pregnancy.

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11/6/06 11:48 P

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Good luck to everyone and I know you all will have beautiful healthy babies! I, unfortunately, found out on Friday I’ve miscarried and have to have a d&c on Thursday. I’m comforted by knowing there are so many women having healthy pregnancies and I’ll be able to join them sometime soon. My mom put my misfortune in perspective by saying a little bit of heartache now is better than a lifetime of heartache for a unhealthy child. I wish all the luck to you girls and will be back and posting as soon as we conceive again. Maybe I’ll be back by the time you are meeting your sweet babies for the first time and you’ll have all the answers for nervous first timers like me. Good Luck Girls!

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11/6/06 8:22 P

I am also 7 weeks with no symptoms. I have had some breast tenderness, but other than that I have been continuing to exercise daily and feel good.

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11/6/06 8:18 P

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I'm glad you posted this question. This is my first pregnancy and I havent had any symptoms either. I have my first appointment this week. I have already had the blood test and I still have a hard time believing I'm pregnant. I'm 7 weeks 1 day pregnant. I am due June 24, 2007.


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11/4/06 9:12 A

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Welcome to babyFit and Congrats on being Preggy...I'm still TTC but Mommy's are great on this Site and you can get all the info you need here on BabyFit....Try Mommies by Month, but don't worry to much about not having symtom's...enjoy the bliss while it lasts ha ha...

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11/4/06 5:26 A

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I wouldn't worry either. The reason I found out I was pregnant was because I was constantly sick. It didn't subside until over a month after finding out that I was pregnant. I was sick all day and all night. I didn't want to do anything or go anywhere. It really interferred with work. Even after I got over the constant sickness, I was still throwing up all the time if i ate certain things or if I smelled a bad smell, or a strong smell. Be happy! The beginning of my pregnancy made me never want to do this again, at first. Now I feel mostly great. Anything is better than what I experienced in the beginning. I also know how you feel, it's early on and no one can tell your pregnant, not even yourself. Things will move along more quickly than you think.

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10/26/06 9:04 A

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I wouldn't worry too much. You might be one of the lucky ones who just doesn't get any of the "pregnancy symptoms." I was one of the lucky ones who only had morning sickness for a week and have had such a wonderful pregnancy. This is my first, so I had heard so many stories about how horrible it can be, but I have been blessed to have had and continue to have, such a wonderful experience. Good luck with everything.

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10/25/06 6:31 P

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We were 'surprised' this month too. We had tried awhile last year and nothing happened so we were waiting until early next year. Funny how things work out. The only real symptom I have is breast tenderness and even that comes and goes. Hopefully we'll start feeling pg soon. My first appt isn't until 11/17 and we're waiting until Thanksgiving to tell our family the wonderful news.

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10/25/06 11:10 A

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Thanks for the reassurance everyone. I can't wait until my doctor's appointment just to hear someone else say I'm pregnant (only 12 more days)! Latinrose, is this your first pregnancy too? I'm so freaked out by the whole thing. My husband and I decided 4 weeks ago to stop trying until January! Irony?

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10/25/06 7:10 A

I completly sympothize with you. I am 7 weeks and the only symptom I feel is gas. But no breast tenderness, sickness, or overwhelming fatigue. There are times I forget I'm pregnant. It's really nerve wrecking.

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10/24/06 10:01 P

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Congratulations and Welcome to the BabyFit community. Don't worry about it. About 25% of women don't experience "feel" pregnant during the first trimester. Enjoy the time while you feel good and celebrate.

Take Care,

BabyFit Community Team
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10/24/06 5:33 P

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Welcome to babyfit and congrats to you.

Right now it can still be to early for you to start the symptoms, but some women don't get no symptoms because when I was pregnant I didn't get M/S, sore breast. Nothing really changed for me, symptom wise of course.
You can go to the Mommies By Month and meet other great women that are due in the same month as you and/or you can go to any other board because we have many to choose from.
We are all happy that you have joined babyfit. This is a great place to be. You will get great advice from anything and everything and in the process you will make some friends. We hope that you love this website and hpoe to see you more and more. If you need anything then just let anyone on here know and we will all be more than happy to help you out in any way that we can.
Welcome to the Babyfit family. Enjoy!
~~~~~Happy Mothers Day~~~~.
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