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First response and faint second line?

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9/5/05 6:05 P

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I had the same problem with 2 tests....kept coming back with a reaaaalllll faint line. So I waited 5 days and took a third....this one was positive and had a faint control line. LOL. I gave up and went to the doc's and had them tell me yes.

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9/4/05 4:19 P

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Check out
I found it neat and answered most Q's
I think the pictures helped the most!

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9/4/05 2:11 P

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9/4/05 10:06 A

Thank you to everyone for their support and shared experiences here! I bought the clearblue easy test and it was definitely positive! We are so excited!!! Thanks!

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9/3/05 10:39 P

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Chances are that if you just conceivd recently, the HcG hormone (aka pregnancy hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin) is just kicking in. This will build stronger in your system over time.The pregnancy test however are very sensitive to this hormone, are 99% accurate and so it is rare they are wrong.

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9/3/05 10:28 P

mine was faint and I was two months along already.

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9/3/05 3:49 P

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Mine did the same thing but I was under 10 days pregnant. They said they are faint if you are not that far along.

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9/3/05 2:46 P

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I bought one of the clearblue easy digital ones because I did not want there to be any mistaking whether or not I was pregnant. And really, they werent any more expensive than the other ones. So if you think there's any doubt, I would get one of those. I took my pregnancy test on the day of my missed period and it already told me I was pregnant. And then I took another one the next day and it said the same thing! So good luck to you and I hope everything works out!

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9/2/05 8:19 P

no matter how faint a line it is you're pregnant! I had this problem with my second pregnancy. I took two tests because I couldn't understand why the line was barely there, especially since my first test with my first pregnancy was so dark and as clear as day! I realized it doesn't matter if you can barely see the line it still means you're pregnant. I got an extremely faint line for this pregnancy as well. i am also beginning to think that the cheaper tests you get a fainter line. with my first pregnancy I used and ept test and it was so dark. In other pregnancies I tried to save a few bucks and got the cheapers ones. They have always been really faint. I did ept again another time and the lines were dark. So I don't know maybe it's also about cheaper tests don't show up as dark/bright!???

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9/2/05 3:29 P

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I took a total of 8 tests. The first several were negative. I didn't get a positive until the day I was to have my period. I kept taking them because I knew I was pregnant...I already felt it.

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9/2/05 2:16 P

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Welcome to baby fit! if your not 100% sure wait a day or two and test again. I actually tested 3 times twice it came up negative but, I knew I was pregnant( I just had that feeling).I tested Once with a digital and once with first responce. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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9/2/05 11:44 A

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Welcome! I also reccommend the digital test, worth the extra $$ to not have to figure out what a faint line means.
Heres hoping that you are pregnant- best of luck and welcome to babyfit!

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9/2/05 10:10 A

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usually, if there is a line, no matter gow faint it is, it is a positive result. it depends on the level of hormone in your system. if you want to be real sure, wait a few days and then take another one in the morning, using your first urine. another fool proof way is to get the digital readout teast that says pos or neg. you cant argue about that!!!

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9/2/05 9:45 A

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9/2/05 8:17 A

Oh thank you! I had my husband look to make sure I wasn't crazy and he was not sure like me. We will test in a couple of days!

Posts: 99
9/2/05 8:10 A

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the second line is usually fainter than the first, for me it was but it was definately there! i just had someone else look at it to make sure i was making things up in my head! congrats!

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