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Anyone doing Chalean Extreme from Beachbody?

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2/26/10 12:39 A

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I'm doing CE but lowering the weights - I do 10 lbs for upper body and 15 lbs for lower body. For my cardio days, I do Turbo Jam or CE cardio workouts.

I modify during the cardio days and take walk breaks often when I'm feeling winded.

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2/21/10 10:10 P

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I did Chalean Extreme up until I found out I was pregnant and then decided to adjust my workout to a more moderate program. I LOVE Chalean Extreme but for me I found the goal of the DVDs to be more focused on weight loss and even with modifications that worries me during pregnancy. I absolutely intend to go back to Chalean Extreme post natally though! It's an amazing workout - I found it to be very challenging.

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2/17/10 9:42 A

I am doing the CE but just with light weights i am not lifting any heavier than 10. My doctor told me whatever i was doing b4 i got pregnant it is okay to do still unless i feel discomfort.

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12/4/09 10:28 A

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I think it's up to your feeling about the intensity of that routine. If you feel that you get to an exercise intensity that makes you so out of breath that you can't carry on a conversation, and start to feel too exhausted during or afterwards, it's a sign that you're working too hard. I've pasted a link to an article on how to keep your prenatal exercise routine safe during pregnancy.
Also, there's no research that's linking jumping exercise with pregnancy complications, but what can occur is discomfort or pain from round ligaments and pelvic floor muscles-again use your body's signals as a guide. If it starts to hurt try to slow down, ease up on the more intense portions and if that doesn't help, think about a different type of exercise.
Best wishes for good news soon!

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3/5/09 10:01 P

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I'm doing ChaLEAN Extreme, I started it before I was pregant and had just started the Push Phase when I found out I was pregant (now 7 weeks), I'm not lifting as heavy and can't seem to push as hard on the cardio videos (I get so winded which was never a problem before) so I swap it out and do the ellipitcal on my cardio days.

I plan to continue following the program hoping (praying=) it keeps me from gaining 65 lbs like I did with my first baby.

Good Luck!

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3/1/09 7:31 P

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Hi, Im a beachbody coach and I was all psyched about getting Chalene Extreme but I didnt buy it yet because I found out I was pregnant in November. How are you doing with it? Im curious to see how pregnancy and the program cooperate. Ive continued doing Turbo jam throughout my pregnancy and I think the strength training is most helpful right now.


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2/10/09 5:37 P

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I just started, I'm obviously not going as heavy on weights as she does but I think it's doable during my pregnancy since I was working out already. I'd love it if anyone could share their experience using it while pregnant.


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