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is it possible to burn fat while pregnant?

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9/15/08 9:22 P

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That is the ACOG recommendation for those who are overweight. The following is from the ACOG website

ACOG makes the following recommendations for ob-gyns dealing with obese patients:

Explain to patients the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations for prenatal weight gain:
25-35 lbs. for women of normal weight,
15-25 lbs. for overweight women,
and 15 lbs. for obese women.
Record height and weight for all women at the initial prenatal visit to allow BMI calculation.
Offer nutrition consultation to all obese women and encourage them to follow an exercise program. This should be continued after the baby is born and prior to attempting another pregnancy.
Consider screening obese pregnant women for gestational diabetes during the first trimester and repeating it later in pregnancy if initial screening is negative.
Discuss potential pregnancy complications such as difficulty estimating fetal weight and obtaining fetal heart rate.
Suggest that patients consult with an anesthesiologist prior to delivery—or at the very latest, early in labor—because they are at high risk for emergency cesareans.

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9/5/08 3:44 P

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Babyfit recommends 15-25 pounds? Why don't you follow the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists?

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8/27/08 7:49 A

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The answer is yes it is possible but as Cathy was explaining, just because it is possible doesn't mean it would be advised by your medical provider or would be wise.

Here is how weight gain during pregnancy is typically dispersed -

7-8 pounds

1-2 pounds

Amniotic Fluid
2 Pounds

Breast Tissue
1-2 pounds

2 pounds

Blood (mom and baby)
3-4 pounds

Body Fluids
3 pounds

Maternal Stores*
5-12 pounds

*Maternal stores are supplies of extra fat. These serve as protection for the baby. They act as a source of energy during pregnancy, for labor and delivery and for milk production after birth.

If you are more intentional with your fitness and strength training then you have been previously and you watch your diet and avoid empty calories and stick with nutrient dense intake - your body can shift how and where it uses energy but that shouldn't be the focus.

We encourage you just as we are sure your docter will as well, to maintain a healthy and nutrient dense diet during your pregnancy, participate in cardio and strength training as able and work to gain 15-25 pounds.

This along with breastfeeding will help you get back to your prepregnancy weight quicker and perhaps even get back to your pre-pregnancy weight from your other LO.


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8/26/08 10:35 P

I'll definitely talk to my Dr before I do anything, I weigh exactly the same as I did my first check up like a week after I had my son, I'm not over weight, I just don't want to add onto the extra weight I already have.. at least I don't think I'm overweight, I think I was underweight before, I just want to be the lower side of average when this baby making is all done.

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8/26/08 2:43 P

The lady who wrote fit pregnancy for dummies responded but it was more of an ask your Dr for a plan kind of answer which I will do to, but you gave me proof that it works so thank you!

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8/26/08 2:28 P

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Did anyone answer your Q? It doesn't really seem like it. I am certainly losing fat! I puffed up like a little balloon with nausea issues up until week 11, and haven't gained since. I've been working out a lot, and have both lost fat and gained muscle. I eat lots of food, and get plenty of veggies and nutrients. I think the baby has pleanty and good stuff to eat- but I'm burning a little stored fuel, or redirecting it to my tummy, or something. Make sure you get plenty of veggies, calcium, etc.

I'm 37, married with 2 daughters, almost four and 15 months.
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8/25/08 10:30 A

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You need to talk with your doctor to determine what is the ideal weight gain for your pregnancy. If you're gaining weight during pregnancy you won't be losing fat stores, but if you keep exercising you can limit any excess fat gains. This is important since the closer you stay to an ideal weight gain the easier it is to lose your baby weight PP.

Women who start their pregnancy overweight may not need to gain as much weight as women who are at their ideal weight or underweight prior to pregnancy. Again, this is a question for your healthcare provider. You want to make sure you're taking in enough calories for your baby's needs.

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8/24/08 2:21 P

I am in no means dieting, I am sticking to my pregnancy diet, but if I work out will it help burn fat? I just wanted to know how to do it because I know it burns calories and I need my extra calories!

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8/23/08 1:08 A

I never got rid of all my baby fat from my son and I'm pregnant again. If I'm doing my pregnancy exercises like I never did while I was pregnant with him could it help to burn the fat I never lost and keep it in check while I'm pregnant this time around?

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