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Seeing stars

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10/4/07 12:33 P

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The main reason pregnant women experience "seeing stars" is because of the tremendous changes pregnancy causes with your cardiovascular system. Your blood pressure during pregnancy can be much lower than non-pregnancy because your arteries are more relaxed (from the hormones of pregnancy). When you get up from a lying or sitting position, your body takes a bit longer to get the blood pooled in your extremities to your heart, lungs and brain. This is nothing to be concerned about regarding your baby-she/he is well equipped to deal with small blood flow changes to the uterus. You're the one who's going to feel the sensation of lightheadedness or seeing stars.

Here are a few tips for helping prevent this problem:
-Keep hydrated and eat small snacks (if you can tolerate them with your nausea). I like to have women who are suffering from morning sickness try to sip pedialyte or gatoraid diluted 1:1 with water throughout the day. That will help with electrolyte problems that can also cause lightheadedness.
-Slow down when getting up from a lying or sitting position. If you're lying on the floor first roll over onto your side, then use your arms to slowly raise your body to a sitting position. Rest a moment then again very slowly raise up to standing. Try and have a chair or table near you for support in case you feel dizzy. When sitting use your arms to help raise your body up slowly.

If you start noticing the "seeing stars' sensation while stationary and it increases in frequency I'd check with your doctor. Sometimes an iron deficiency can be causing that problem.
Hope this helps- and again, don't worry your baby isn't going to be affected by these short durations of lightheadedness.

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10/4/07 12:52 A

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I was sitting at my computer typing and I saw stars the last time. I hope it's not lack of oxygen! I've always thought that was the reason too so I'm glad you posted. Someone help us!

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10/4/07 12:02 A

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This happens to me too...sometimes. I have no idea what it is or what causes it, but at least now I know I'm not the only one! :) Hopefully someone will post something helpful.

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10/3/07 9:05 P

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I figured you guys would know about this... I see stars sometimes and I was wondering what causes it. Its not when I work out, it's when I'm standing up or doing what I think is normal activity. The majority of the time I'm vomiting (still have morning sickness off and on) and so I just assumed it was lack of oxygen? Does anyone know what causes it? Thank you!!


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