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marathon training question--post baby

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5/22/07 9:25 A

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My personal opinion (and I am not a doctor) is that yes, you should have time. From personal experience, 16 weeks is the average training timeline for half marathons and 20 weeks is the average for a full marathon for the average joe (who hasn't had a baby recently). As long as you ease back into a cardio and strength training workout to establish a base where you can start your 20 week marathon training, I think you can do it.

I had my daughter April 2006 and began working out in late May (light cycling, easy jogging, swimming). I completed my first sprint triathlon in October (finishing in the middle of my age group) and then continued a more strenuous running program and ran a half marathon in January. I have run two marathons and two half marathons in the past but train for them and run in them more for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to keep my sanity (running always helps) than for competition.

Like one of the PP said, setting a goal of finishing and not a set time (especially since it's your first marathon and you'll have many more), you may enjoy the experience a lot more. Go for it and good luck!

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5/20/07 10:05 P

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Thanks for the advice tofupup and I completely agree. I did a sprint distance triathlon last summer and I had trained quite a bit for it. I wasn't the fastest by far, but I felt great being able to complete it. I was prepared for it and had a lot of fun. I told my running buddy that I wouldn't even consider doing the half marathon unless I felt prepared. If I wasn't prepared I know that it just would be miserable and that defeats the whole purpose.

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5/19/07 3:12 P

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My half marathon training partner had her 3rd baby in September and we started really training in January for our half last month (April 21).

We took 16 weeks to train (marathon training programs are often 20 weeks), and we didn't aim for a time goal--just to finish. It was a great experience! You'll want to make sure you have a sufficient aerobic and muscular base to even begin the marathon or half training program. Most programs suggest a base of 20 miles a week.

My training really suffered because of a lingering injury, so I had to walk a good chunk of the race, but that didn't really take away from the fun or the feeling of accomplishment. It also made my recovery much, much faster than my faster friends'.

I guess I'd say if you want to do it, do as much training as you can, and then enjoy race day by walking when you have to and running when you can. Without complete training, you'll probably suffer if you try to run the whole race or go too fast. But it's a great thing to do! Go for it!

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5/16/07 10:31 P

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Good luck with the marathon training. I want to do a half marathon. I am due early July and the half marathon is in October. I am not sure how long after I give birth that I will be able to start training, so at this point I am playing it by ear.

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5/16/07 1:04 P

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I am due in late August and want to start training for my first marathon sometime next spring. I had a decent training base before getting pregnant...I probably need to spend about a month increasing my training base to the ideal starting point before actually starting the marathon training. I am not running as much now obviously but am working out 3 to 4 times per week through the pregnancy.

I am due end of August and would like to do a February or March marathon...for experienced marathon mommies out you think this is a realistic time frame for a first time marathoner with newborn??? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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